Yellow Shorts, Oh Yeah!

YELLOW SHORTS, OH YEAH! JULY 7, 2015 ...more

Finding Shorts I Don't Hate

I think I hate shorts shopping even more than swimsuit shopping.I know, I know. That’s QUITE a statement because nobody likes swimsuit shopping…but every time I try to find a new pair of shorts it seems like my two choices are either super long or super short. If I find a pair that looks okay, there will inevitably be a gap in the back of the waist or that fun little surprise when you sit down and your thigh is doing its own special version of a muffin top....more

Summer Adjacent.

These Swell tie-dye shorts would be a perfect cover-up over a pair of bikini bottoms, no? Maybe with a slim leather flip flop, a triangle top, and a super thin tee. Classic surfer summer style....more

Short Suited.

Shorts + pumps are sorta my thing. And I rarely turn down a good blazer, especially when they come with the sleeves pre-scrunched. (I’m like the Kansas City girl version of Miami Vice.)Separates are a trend I’ve been working into my wardrobe lately, as is orange in all its forms– so imagine my delight when I came across this coral shorts suit from Victoria’s Secret....more

What's Up? If only ...

Was it The Color of her Dress, the look in her eye, a stolen glance...can he conquer his fears and live his dream?...more

Lacy Shorts

Ever have that favorite pair of jeans that wore through in the knees or the bottom hems are ripping off? I have an old pair of boot cut American Eagle jeans with original distressing that ripped too big. I decided what better to do with them than make some cute summer shorts? ...more

Back to Black.

Back to black, just like Winehouse.I posted a preview shot of this outfit on my instagram– did you see it?For a Saturday night with the girls, I grabbed an oversized black cotton tank + a pair of slouchy silk shorts, and slipped on some black patent stilettos. (Pulled a Carrie and went for exposing the bra a bit; winter is coming and we’ll all be bundled up to our ears in wool soon enough, let’s live it up while we can.)...more

Taking Summer Shorts From Casual to Dressy

It's time for some seasonal closet -- and outfit -- revamping, this time with shorts. ...more
I'm not a fan of shorts. I LIVE in skirts and dresses in the summer. However, you have super ...more

Ten Years.

Time flies.When you’re having fun, when you’re growing up, when you’re getting a real job, etc. Life becomes a routine– a fun one, no doubt, but a routine all the same. You get caught up in going to work, throwing baby and/or bridal showers for your friends, checking things off that Proper Adult list. A decade passes. You look up and it’s time for your 10-year reunion. All very odd.But a good excuse to dress up, no?...more

Straight Ambition.

Despite the Kansas-City-in-June humidity, I was determined to wear my hair straight for a night out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Thankfully, my dryer + flat iron came through (anti-humidity hair spray helped a bit) and I was able to achieve Operation Straight Ambition....more