What Your Eating (And Other) Habits Say About Whether You Should Have Kids

Every month or so, I receive an actual paper card in the mail from my mom with mysterious contents. It could be coupons for Fancy Feast or the Banana Republic outlet. Or a Whole Foods gift card as a hint to stock our bachelor fridge with more than just Bud Light and dijon mustard. But more often than not, it’s an article on writing or the baby issue pulled from an actual paper magazine or newspaper she still reads. Her most recent find was an article from the Wall Street Journal called “Getting Junior to Move” and she’d circled this excerpt:...more

Baby Decision Mind Games

Sometimes when I have trouble making a decision, I play out in my head what it would be like to tell my family and friends my plans, looking at what happens with both options. I can glean quite a bit of information about what I should do based on how I imagine them reacting and how I feel about telling them. So for the first time, I finally thought through what it would be like to tell people about our final decision regarding the kids issue. Just to see if the true answer would reveal itself. Because I’m naively hopeful like that....more

Mister Maybe's Thoughts on Babies

It takes two to make a baby (who knew?), and two to make a baby decision. Now that I’ve been spouting off for a while, I thought you guys might like to hear what Drew thinks about all this. Here it is, in his own words:We’ve decided to decide together...more

The Turning Point for the Kids-or-Not Decision

Drew and I were out house-hunting last weekend when we stumbled onto a cute little bungalow with a Midwest-sized backyard in El Segundo. Those of you who don’t live in California, prepare to throw up a little in your mouth: it came with 850 square feet, two tiny bedrooms, and a price tag of $650,000. Drew and I stood on the lawn and talked about blowing out the dining room wall and slapping an elaborate master on the back for an extra $100k or so....more

To Breed or Not to Breed...That IS the Question!

It happened again. I’m at Farmstand in El Segundo for dinner with Drew and after a nail-biting five minutes with the menu, I order the Pomegranate Walnut Stew with authority. But no sooner is the waitress’s backed turned than I want, I NEED, to change it to Mama’s Herbed Ground Chicken. This is nothing new. I imagine my photo is looming in the back of my favorite haunts as a warning to freshman waitstaff to run like the wind once they’ve taken my order. A minor symptom of a raging case of decidophobia (real word)....more