I thought he was trying to run away.Sam had a temper tantrum yesterday, and lost his Wii privileges.  He had melted down spectacularly for no real reason, and it got progressively worse until he finally stormed off into his bedroom.  I had put him in a time out, which he screamed thru, and then spent another ten minutes with him hollering and begging me to not take away the Wii.  I was past the point of talking to him, and had taken out my book....more

Snow Day

Yesterday it snowed, and snowed, and snowed... and then it snowed some more. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating just a little - we only got around 15 centimetres (6 inches) of the white stuff here in Windsor - but I do believe this is the most I've seen at one time since we moved here just over a year ago, so it seems like a lot to me! ...more

5 reasons I love today's snow (an optimist's view)

Just saying "it snowed" got all three kids up and out of bed in 30 seconds flat, something that usually takes 20 minutes. The dogs ran themselves silly in the yard, came in and collapsed on the floor. I got to listen to my WHOLE playlist on the way to work this morning. I don't have to look at the un-raked leaves in the yard anymore because they are "gone". The people out shoveling (with 40 degree days predicted all week) make me laugh! ...more