Think You'll Get Hooked on Masters of Sex?

New Season of Weeds Has Nancy Fired Up and Rolling in NYC

Oh Nancy Botwin, Nancy Botwin, you didn't take any Parenting classes during your unfortunate incarceration, did you?   Lucky season number seven of Weeds has kicked off with a bang: after only three episodes Nancy's already rejected her very forgiving kids, traded a suitcase full of grenades for Afghanistan marijuana and taken a lover.  So Nancy's far from reformed, operating from new turf in New York City, and the season is looking like it's rolled pretty tight....more

Summer TV is Gonna Rule So Hard. And Also? Vampires!

OK, I’ll admit it…TV and I have kind of been seeing other people lately. The only time I return to my beauteous LED is to watch Game of Thrones on HBO, which is ending soon for this season. (Did you see that last episode? WTF? But I digress.)HOWEVER, you guys? TV is about to get ALL SORTS OF AWESOME in the next few weeks. Well, that is, if you're into the shows I'm into. And you should be....more

Totally Team Eric!

It's been a tough few weeks without House and Selling New York and Top ...more

(SPOILERS) "Dexter" Finale: Dex, You Slay Me

Unlike the shocking and horrific finale of Season 4, the Season 5 finale of Dexter was about as feel-good and lovey-dovey as a serial killer drama can be. I mean that in a good way. ...more

As the seasons play out, I definitely find myself asking that same question - why Harry, WHY!? ...more

"Dexter" Returns with Tragedy and Killer Ratings (Spoilers)

In Sunday's highly anticipated fifth season premiere of Dexter, which garnered big ratings for Showtime, we got to see the aftermath of the Trinity Killer's handiwork from last season's shocking finale. ...more

Tech review: finds your favorite tv shows online

If you are like me you probably don't have time to watch "real" television, that is, shows during their scheduled time slots. That's why I watch my favorite episodes of Modern Family and many other shows online. Thousands of tv episodes including Modern Family are available online but I don't like the hassle of searching through all the possible sources--and there are over 1200 sources!...more

"The Real L Word" -- What Do Real Lesbians Really Do? Oh Really?

If you are feeling bored by the Real Housewives and other reality shows that throw in one bi-curious cast member to spice up their straight fare, Showtime has an extravaganza for you. How about a whole show about Real Lesbians? No phony RHONYs here. That's right, The Real L Word features real, live L.A. lesbians doing what real lesbians do, like walking, talking, stirring up drama and making out in alleys. ...more

I'm going to check this show out, based on Dara Nai's endorsement of the characters being ...more

Fall 2009 TV Preview: Stars, Stars and More Stars!

Julianna Margulies, Patricia Heaton, John Lithgow, Keith Carradine, Christian Slater, Jenna Elfman, Kelsey Grammer, Chris O'Donnell and L L Cool J. All these stars and more are coming to your Fall 2009 TV screens. If the concept of a year round TV season is like an all you can eat buffet, plentiful but with few memorable morsels, then fall is still when the network chefs trot out their best cuisine for viewers to sample. ...more

How nice of you to explain this to me!!!! Thanks!


Paging Edie Falco's "Nurse Jackie"

Edie Falco has one of those good news/bad news show biz problems.  The good news is she had such a successful Emmy award winning run as Tony Soprano's mob wife Carmela on HBO's "The Sopranos" it's hard to think of her in any other role.  But trading in her Aqua Net hair and manicured nails for a cropped haircut and hospital scrubs might just change all that for the fabulous Falco in the new Showtime series "Nurse Jackie." ...more

Kathi, you make excellent points. 

I can however understand nurses being upset with the ...more

"L Word" Co-Creators Michele Abbott and Kathy Greenberg Break Their Silence

There are women who want to be noticed, and women who prefer do the noticing. That’s something I couldn’t help but observe while interviewing Michele Abbott and Kathy Greenberg in the bar at the Chateau Marmont recently. ...more