Happy Partying: Even the Shy Can Survive!

If someone says PARTY, I am there! I love getting together with old friends and making new ones, when I can.But while I am confident enough to move to the middle of the room and chitchat with anyone or everyone, I know that some people have a harder time being social without feeling anxious. Not everyone is an extrovert, some people prefer smaller social settings to larger ones and when they are put in a large social setting, they freeze....more
@cdrdash  @alienbody  @HomeRearedChef Hi and nothing wrong with small gatherings.  Many people I ...more


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to grow a boy

"Some kids are born with their 'windows and doors' all open" ~ Michael Reist*************************...more

Awkward Girl

Awkward Girl The way I see things is often different than the way the people in my life do. Of course, I'm always right. Remember that and we'll be okay. I was a pretty normal kid/teenager I'd say....more

A Curtain of Shyness

When people actually meet me, the last word they would use to describe me is ”shy.”  Vivacious might be a good one, or outgoing, maybe confident…but never shy.  I am the person that will walk into a cocktail party, chat up total strangers and have many acquaintances by the end of the night if not a best friend.  But I hate doing it.  I am the person in a class that will strike up the first conversation because I hate silences and I want every one else to feel at ease, but I detest saying the first w...more

Why Am I Introverted (and Shy)?

I just wish that the question above was merely rhetorical, but it is not. I’ve been asking it to myself, like, almost every day, really. And all I can do is tracing back who’s fault in the family---my dad, my mom, or others. Do you think being an introvert has something to do with genetics? ...more

Being an introvert myself, I could really relate to your article. Naturally, I would prefer to ...more