WHAT IS SOCIAL ANXIETY AND SHYNESS Those who experience social anxiety or shyness are uncomfortable and can become...more

Introverts are Lost

I know every mom struggles with raising their kids.  I just don't know how they can still smile and face the public after wrestling with them day in and day out.  I always thought of myself as an intelligent enough to face any challenge.  I was so wrong about parenting.  I can't fix one problem this year.  I concluded I must retire.  Everything I try, I either get vetoed by my husband or create more drama and tears.  Sadly, on the outside, it looks like we are overachievers and very stable and happy.  I may be the only mom that can admit the truth....more

First Friend and the Baby Doll

Q. Tell us about your first friend.A.  I grew up a shy girl in a poor part of town.  My parents didn't speak English, so we were all anti-social.  Making friends was not part of my family's priorities....more

The Shyness We Know

I couldn't see him, but I knew he was crying....more

Wrong, Weird, and Awkward

I just finished reading Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. This book kind of blew my mind up; in it, Cain paints a picture of introversion that describes everything about me that I once viewed as a flaw (at worst) or a quirk (at best)....more

Just as much right

The day has arrived, the journey has begun, and I am on my way to BlogHer '12! I've made it from Windsor to Toronto, cleared US customs, eaten some breakfast, and am now enjoying a very welcome cup of Starbucks coffee (nice and strong!) with a couple of hours to kill before my flight to New York begins boarding. ...more
 @Darcie It was a fabulous time and I am SO glad I went! I really had nothing to worry about - ...more

I've Got the BlogHer12 Jitters

I'll admit it.  I have few real life friends.  Actually, I have two best friends.  My hubby and my daughter are my best friends, and they are 2 of the only people that I can completely unfold with.  And, if I don't talk around them, it isn't awkward.  It's ok, we can be chatty or we can just relax in each others company....more
Anyone who sits on the Charmin potty is ok by me.  Can't wait to see you!more