When I first moved to Nebraska I felt dislocated and out of sorts, smothered by the vast landscape, ironically, and yearning for my home – although I really wasn’t sure where that home was really supposed to be....more

Fear Is The Highest Fence

The following post is featured on my blog, "My Former Life," in which I am recounting 365 memories in the year of my 40th birthday. “MOOOOM!!” ...more

He Was Like a Super Hero

Yesterday afternoon was like any other day after school. Little kids came home, threw their stuff everywhere, ate snacks, talked about their day at school in increasingly loud volumes. Then my middle schoolers walked in the front door. Mom, you need to call the school. Like right now. Why? I caught two kids being mean to [12-year-old brother] in the hallway after school. It's just ... you need to call the school. ...more

Oh, your post was so beautiful.  As a fourth grade teacher and a soon-to-be Mom (first ...more

The Compass Rose: Thicker than Water

" by Ainslie Jones Uhl...more

Brothers and sisters

A close friend of mine lost her sister last week. It was unexpected, as death always really is, even when it’s visibly encroaching. It most definitely was sudden.I didn’t really know the deceased, except that she was too young—the same age as my little sister, in fact.My friend and I have gotten the chance to hold each other and cry. Her loss is not my loss, but it dredges up the heartache of losing my brother three years ago....more

That’ll teach me to mix hair removal and paper writing

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Dynamics Of A Duo

"Don't you think HE'S enough????" Micah shot his finger at Cameron. Fighting back the tears, Micah stomped up the stairs and SLAM...his displeasure was made clear by the 2 inches of locked wood composite between us. He did not, in no uncertain terms, want another sibling. ...more

TTC: PMS vs. Early Pregnancy Symptoms #2

I'm in the week AF's due.  I've been cramping, bloated, sick-to-my-tummy and cranky for going on two-and-a-half weeks now and I'm just sick of myself.  My mind's running away with thoughts of babies and maxipads and I don't know if I'm coming or going most of the time because all I wanna do is take a nap. HA!!  Well, at least nothing much has changed in the nappy-time department... ...more

TTC: The Beginning

As stated in my intro, I’m 33.  I have no children, just one very spoiled kitty.  I live with my boyfriend; been together for over 2 years.  I am a part-time caregiver to my terminally ill mother. ...more