My Sister and I Hail from Different Planets

About a week ago, my wife and I had dinner with my sister....more

A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Mallory,  It has been a month since your brother Michael was born! (You have us all calling him "brother" since you are refusing to say his name.) You were nearly 18 months old at the time we brought him home from the hospital and I just have to tell you how much you have impressed me and your dad.  ...more

Like a Two Year Old Boss

Yesterday I got this text from my husband, "So I found remnants of Milano cookies and Jalapeno Cheetos in your son's crib...I'm assuming you didn't give them to him..."  My response, "Uh, no."  My two year old had given those foods to my one year old because as she put it, "Sammy was hungry."  He had eaten most of the cookie, and at least sampled the Cheetos because they were wet.  Now my husband was annoyed because he had to clean up a messy baby, and he was annoyed at me for leaving my nighttime snack food next to the bed so that she could get to it.  However, whe...more

Why it is Awesome to be the Second Child: A Letter to my Son

Dear Sweet Boy,...more

The differences between the first and second child

In many predictable ways having a second child has changed my mothering for example: increasing my forgetfulness while simultaneously decreasing my reservoir of patience. My second child has just reached his first birthday and with that celebratory occasion came a mountain of realizations for me about the differences between baby number one and baby number two....more

Do Your Kids Fight With Each Other? You'll Never Guess What's Behind It

Are your kids constantly bickering with each other and driving you crazy? Do they always seem to be picking on each other to get a reaction? Why won't they stop?Dr. Susan Rutherford addresses what's going on between your children when they fight with each other... and what you can do it stop it!CLICK HERE TO WATCH  ...more

Those Doors to the Past

Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission...more

Mom and Dad Loved You More!

Growing up, I thought that my parents loved my sister more than me.  I thought this because they were harder on me than my sister.  I thought my sister had it easier because it seem like my parents were lax as far as the things that she got a way with.  I thought to myself, "If it was me that did that, they would be all over me."  I thought my sister had more freedom than me.  If my class was going on a trip out of town, I couldn't go.  But a few years later, my sister's class had a trip out of town my parents let her go.  I could not understand why t...more

Then and Now: Photos of My Children

Like most kids nowadays, my children's lives are well-documented....more

Sibling Rivalry is Never Dead

One of my favorite childhood memories is when my brother decided to drag me across the carpeted gymnasium at church in front of his friends. That was fun. Kidding. That was horrible, and I had the carpet burns to prove it. But, I get it, he was trying to be manly at the time…or something.  Being 5 years my senior, there really wasn’t much rivalry there. No, it was more of a dictatorship. Older brother always wins against 3 younger sisters....more