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Sick December 31st 2009 ...more

Hate Being Sick!!!

This year has been the year of sickness.  We have endured cold after cold and even Rotavirus and yet we keep getting sick!  My son and I currently have a cold.  Two nights ago, I got sick and threw up.  I thought it was just from eating fast food.  Missed school yesterday, which was like my 10th missed day this year.  Yesterday afternoon the diarrhea started.  Did I get rotavirus like my daughter had?  Is it just from what I ate?  Is my daughter's "teething poop" not really teething poop?  Sickness is so hard becuase you don't have the answe...more


Lately, I've been whooped by a lot of things, in a lot of ways... sickness, exhaustion (no doubt partly a result of the sickness), laundry, cleaning, and then there is school itself. All aspects of school. Students. Planning. Paperwork. I am starting to knot with stress at the end of each day. Thank goodness for a commute that lets me wind down. Wait... did I just thank goodness for my COMMUTE?! Somebody call 9-1-1.). ...more

The Warning Signs if Your Child is Being Bullied

As children are heading back to school after a fun filled and relaxing summer, they are getting back into a routine with school, re-connecting with their school friends and for some, avoiding certain kids that made their past school year very stressful. While for most children, school poses no problems or anxieties, from a social context, there is a pocket of children that dread and fear going to school everyday because they are being BULLIED.  Bullying whether physical, mental, or emotional, unfortunately, exsists around us and for some children, it is a daily occurrence. ...more

It's all about me and my poor cat Spotty

While I have some very sad news today. one of my cat’s spotty is dying. She can no longer move her back legs and is crying all the time. She is not eating or drinking anything. Me and my grandma are taking turns keeping her by our side so she is not alone. We don’t know when she will go but we feel like it will be very soon. ...more

The Monster's Poor Pitiful Sick Day & The Case of the Mean Mommy

The phone rang at 8:45am this morning. The voice on the other end said, "Hello. Mrs. Sugarbritches?" "Yes." "This is Ms. So and So at the school. The Monster says he doesn't feel well. Would you like to speak to him?" "Yes I would." The Monster, "Mom, I don't feel very well. My head and tummy hurt very badly. I feel like I'm going to throw up." "Do you have a fever?" "No, Ms. So and So said I don't" ...more

Yeah I'm sure he got the point haha.  Sounds like my baby brother when he was in grade ...more

Newborn dumped in Airport's transit area

i read this article last night in the newspaper after i got back from work. thought of catching up with the world on news that i've been missing out on these days.  anyway, to cut the story short, this newborn was dumped in a BIG trash bag, all tied up in it and discarded in a transit area where the mother thought no one would notice. 'it' was still alive when airport staff found 'it' and was pronounced dead when 'it' reached the hospital. yes, dumped, trashed out, discarded, thrown or any other words that could describe that action. ...more

In the Land of the Sickies, without my Italian Creme...

This has been one SICK weekend for the Groovy household. Both boys have had around the clock fevers (up to 104). I have been on nurse duty all weekend... this happens when your hubbie is in the restaurant business and is off during the week.I am one cranky mommy this morning. I stayed home yesterday from work and took 1/2 day today. I may actually be looking forward to going in today... Did I just say that? I REALLY need some rest. ...more

Switching From Your Parents' Insurance To Your Own

I haven’t been feeling well for the past few days, so yesterday I decided to make a doctor appointment. Sounds easy enough, but then I realized that I had new health insurance (my own instead of my parents’ insurance) and no doctor where I live now. One of my housemates told me I just needed to call a doctor’s office, ask if they were taking new patients, make sure they took my insurance and set up an appointment. Two problems I ran into: places weren’t taking new patients and other places were booked for the next couple days. I finally found a place ...more

Heated up about cold medicines

I'm a very frustrated mom. Cold and flu season is upon us, so it goes without saying that my kids are bound to get sick. Even if they don't get the flu, my boys -- for at least a few weeks every fall -- get the sniffles and a nasty little cough. ...more