BRAT Diet and the Sick Baby

Last week Baby Girl was sick and we quickly learned about the BRAT diet.  For those of you unfamiliar, BRAT is the acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.  These are the recommended foods to allow your child’s stomach to settle down.  We also learned that dairy products will make diarrhea worse, note that cheese does not bind your child, as is common myth....more

After Everything That's Going On...Now This

I think I've been holding it together really well considering my husband just walked out on me and my four kids, leaving me with two car notes and all the other bills. So after a long day of work, I picked my youngest son up and went home only to be greeted by my soon to be ex shortly after. ...more

The Mom Cold Vs. The Man Cold

There is a bug racing through the immunity at my house this week. My husband was struck down first. His eyes watered up, his nose started running like a leaky faucet. He got fevery and lazy and rented some movies to watch while he chugged orange juice and soup....more

Well, Maybe I Am NOT A Good Patient

Well, Maybe I Am NOT A Good Patient I so thought I would feel better this morning.I was so wrong.The alarm went off at 6am (I forgot to turn off the alarm after we got the call that school was cancelled for today) and I felt like my head was about to explode. I felt completely terrible!...more

Fuzzy Headed Snow Day

Walking on Wednesday ~ Fuzzy Headed Snow Daysource:

Just Be Sick

I will be the first to admit I am a stubborn little one, especially when it comes to admitting I am sick.It took waking up at 3:30am Saturday morning with my covers off, butt naked, heat off, a freezing cold room, chills on my arms and legs, yet unable to stop sweating for me to truly admit to myself I was sick. A trip to the Urgent Care later that morning confirmed I had the flu {have you ever had that test? ouch! that sucker hurt!!}....more

Begrudging Breastfeeding

In the past 17 months of breastfeeding my daughter, I have not ONCE said to myself, “what was I THINKING when I decided to breastfeed??”At least not until this past Saturday.Let me make this clear: I am a TERRIBLE sick person....more
 @Laine Griffin no pressure. no pressure. I promise to be patient. :)more

The Best Parenting Invention EVER!!

Emmy just got her 82nd cold of the season. The poor little bugger was up most of the night coughing and choking on her own mucus (which meant I was up most of the night trying to get her body in an upright position so she could sleep better).  This morning her face was just a mess of teething drool and runny nose, and I couldn’t tell what was what....more
 @Isabel_Anders Thanks, Isabel. I am glad to have so much support for my imagined product! :) ...more

The Mob has a hit out on me!

Why is it that everyone on the planet gets a day off when they are sick... except a Mom? I want to crawl back into bed because I look like this today:...more

November 21 - The Schmaltz is With Me

The Girl popped a fever this morning. Poor kid. She and I have been fighting what I’ve affectionately termed “Venusian Death Cold” for the past week or so.  ...more