Life Flight with Harold the Helicopter

Life Flight with Harold the HelicopterWhoever saves one life, saves the world entire.  ~Thomas Keneally...more

The Day I Could Have Lost My Son ...more

When Your Child Gets Sick

I was only a few minutes into the warm-up during a fitness class at the gym when my phone rang. It was the nurse at my daughter's school."Mrs. Cheng? Megumi is sick and she wants you to come pick her up."Why now? She was a bit dizzy this morning but thought she was going to be fine, so this couldn't be too serious. I was just starting one of my favorite classes, looking forward to burning a lot of calories with a group of other like-minded fitness fanatics like me. Can't Meg take a nap in the school nurse's office for the next 57 minutes?...more

Can You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me? If you treat a sick child like an adult and a sick adult like a child, everything usually works out pretty well.  ~Ruth Carlisle...more

(Un)Helpful Parenting Advice

I got the call at 3:30 p.m. Logan had a fever that had already spiked to 102. He needed to be picked up within the hour. It was one of those days. ...more
Laughing and the laptop is shaking away on my lap as I do so! "Two months" - that's too funny. ...more

Fevers and coughing and whining, oh my.

K. has had a fever on and off since Christmas Eve.  Ok, his fever broke on Dec....more

Paying it forward with only 44 cents

When I was four years old, my father had a terrible accident and was in the hospital for months. During that time, complete strangers sent cards and encouragement. My family has never forgotten that kindness....more

A Woman's 47th Chromosome and Gross-Tolerance.

A friend buzzed into the house to fetch my daughter for play date with her grandchild just as I emerged from shower in my bathrobe....more
I've always wondered the same thing - what happened to men's gross-tolerance - and by the sounds ...more

10 Things Being the Mother of a Cancer Child gave to me

There was a meme going around called “10 things motherhood gave me”. I have tons of opinions on that: stretch marks, saggy boobs, under-eye bags, my first experience of having someone poop down my shirt, all the best parts. ...more

I am sometimes shocked anyone would read the stuff I write because it does seem rather ...more

Cold Med-Worthy

Ever since the FDA, or whoever it is who decides these things, determined that cold medicine was not good for kids and had it removed from all the shelves of all the pharmacies across America, I have been in a panic. What happens if my kids get a cold? What happens if they get a stuffy nose? What am I supposed to do? A little Tylenol Cold, or "purple gold" as I like to call it, is my life blood in times of illness. Without it, my kids won't sleep, I won't sleep, our whole house will be sick and tired, literally! ...more

I agree, this is exactly what I thought when I heard the news about the children's cold ...more