My Sick Kids Ruined My Selfish Mom Moments

I love being a mom. I love it more than I ever thought I would. But sometimes, I have selfish mom moments. Today I am home with two sick babies. And while I am thankful that I can be home to take care of them, this is not how my day was supposed to go. I am filling in at work this weekend, so I already had today off. And I had plans. Big plans. Just for me. I decided I was going to have the sitter come even though I didn't have work, and I was going to take the whole glorious day for myself. Something I rarely do. ...more
Your mom's day off sounded wonderful! Sorry you had to miss it. Those little stinkers. ;)more

Why Saying You Love Everything About Motherhood Is a Big, Fat Lie

I’ve told my sweet princess I love everything about motherhood so many times.  Well, guess what?  I admitted to her yesterday that sometimes Mom lies.While I do love being that child’s mom and am convinced I was created especially for the job, I most certainly found a part of it that I hate…Cleaning up vomit....more

When Kids are Sick at Night

The other night, my 2.5-year-old was coughing up a storm. I tried all the usual remedies - from Vicks on the feet to sitting in a steamy bathroom to giving him a dose of albuterol to a spoonful of honey (rejected) to sitting outside in the cool air to try to soothe the inflammation - but it was over two hours before the coughing fit ended. I suspect it was some combination of all of these efforts that eventually calmed the spasms. After the poor kid finally relaxed and was able to sleep, around midnight, I lay in my bed, staring up at the ceiling, listening....more

12 Lessons I Learned During the Vomit Vortex of 2014

Lets start with the fact that I have two kids who have never thrown up (Girl is 3 and a half and Boy is 2 and a half).That was a true statement until yesterday.Recently I stated several times aloud to people in conversation that 'My kids have never thrown up.  Knock on Wood'.  I know now that this is the equivalent of Virginia Madsen saying "Candyman" three times in succession in the mirror.  I even jokingly threw out Jerry's quote from Seinfeld: "Vomit-free since '83"....more

No Way to Win This One

What better way to spend a 3 day weekend than with two sick kids right? Here in Lowell, Labor Day weekend is the biggest celebration in town. Are we out enjoying all the festivities? Nope, of course not. I'm sitting around in a pair of workout pants (that haven't really seen any working out) and a t-shirt dusted in pancake mix instead....more

I Can Laugh in the Face of Tragedy

 The Joy of Mothering  Credit: ...more
do you laugh as a coping mechanismmore

Sniffing the Vomit

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm...more

The Sick Day

It was bound to happen – the weather has changed pretty significantly in the last two weeks and we’re now firmly on our way to crisp fall days and cold nights. It’s also brought on a round of colds – Diva and Footballer started with a daycare cold, which spread to their parents and then spread to me. Glo-Worm had a strange week last week – never really sick, but seemingly on the verge of getting sick. She was weak and pale, often shaky after her naps, and very cranky. Either way, whoever gave this virus to me definitely wanted to share!...more

In Which I Hyperventilate.

So I thought it well and good to inform you that in addition to being a germaphobe, and of course an emetophobe, I'm also a hypochondriac. In the nicest, most awesome possible sense of the word, of course....more

Kid Germs

We interrupt the previously scheduled program on the Divine Feminine to kvetch about KID GERMS.Oh my GOODNESS! I am just now returning to life.Remember, never let your child out of the house to play with other kids, because they might catch Kid Germs.Having our food lives more in order, eating strictly organic, drinking raw milk and eating grass fed beef, we are basically never sick. Any hint of sinus or pollen allergy is taken care of by washing the inside of our heads with the Neti Pot and we dare bacteria and viruses to come calling....more
 @TruthsfromtheChaos Hey there! So sweet to hold onto the comforting memories of things. Yes, ...more