Because kids don't come with instruction manuals...

The one chapter in all of the parenting books that I would reread over and over is the first aid/illness chapter. That was one thing that made me absolutely terrified was the possibility of one (or two) sick babies. Unfortunately, our kids don't come with instruction manuals....more

My Son and His Vomit Pail

“Mommy, my tummy doesn't feel so goooood...” Yes, you’ve heard this one before. In my Disney cruise post, as the huge ship rocked  its way through a storm and I lead my tummy-sick eight year old weaving down skinny corridors from the dining hall, trying to find our cabin though I’d forgotten the number…. This now infamous phrase this time around wasn’t out on rocking seas. It was on land!  Up in New Hampshire where we were renting a cottage on Lake Sunapee for a week. Ryan stood at the screen door. “My throat hurts too.” Well, this made it at least a little different…. ...more