The Plague

I'm not talking about Bubonic or the Zombie disease, I mean Strep. Yeah, I got it and it sucks. I refuse to let the fever, chills, sore throat, headache and nasty on the verge of upchucking cough deter me from making my daily post for NaBloPoMo. When I say I'm going to do all 30 days, I mean it. Unfortunately, for you my reader, it means you're going to get one hell of a sucky blog post today. ...more

Getting Sick with Kids

Last week brought with it a pretty heinous bout of the flu. The kind of flu that leaves bruises on your sternum from hours of hugging the toilet. The kind where you’re just not sure you want to go on living. The kind where your stomach says, “You thought you could sneak that single Saltine in here? I don’t think so!” and then laughs maniacally before rejecting it. Because stomachs laugh....more
I'll be honest: It sucks. No way around it. If you have a partner in crime and that person isn't ...more