Growing old together

I normally get dressed before my husband and he doesn't usually see me until he is also fully dressed. It is at that point that we realize we are dressed in similar colors. Is this because we own too many of the same shades of clothing? Maybe. Maybe not. I'd like to think it is because he and I are in sync....more

Beating the Odds and Surviving

Cancer. The word no one wants to hear. ...more

The Kitchen Think: Food Poisoned? Tweet It!

Have you ever been food poisoned?A few years back, GP and Drew got so sick on our vacation in California that they couldn’t fly home with the rest of the family....more

This Is Very Suspicious...

I seem to have picked up a cold, in the middle of beautiful May weather.  Where could this cold have come from?  I need to do some detective work...Well, Little Man does seem out of sorts... So maybe I got it from him when he insisted on me giving him bites of my raisin bread for breakfast, despite that he had a fistful of his own bread.Or maybe when he came over to where I was minding my own business reading blogs just to give me a snuggle... and then wiped his runny nose all across my jeans....more

Why Moms Can't Get Sick

There should be a law against mothers getting sick. A law of nature. Of our biological composition. So that from the second we commence our 24-hour-a-day vocation of raising children from scary 104-feverish infants through whining-hormonal teenage years, we never experience a single lapse in energy. ...more
Next time I have surgery, I'm checking into a hotel room.more

That Time We All Had The Plague

On the days when I think that God might exist, I’m convinced that if he is out there, somewhere, he is some kind of divine troll who thinks that everything is an elaborate joke.How else do you explain the fact that, five minutes after posting my last entry, Theo started throwing up all over my bedroom floor.It’s like God reads my blog and he was like, “Girl, you think you are in crisis? Let me show you crisis.”...more

How to Be an Amazing Nursemaid

So, I'll come out and admit it, I am a crappy, crappy nurse. I'm just about as caring and sympathetic as a foot, though I try my darn hardest. Ask my husband. It's one of my (few, I'm sure...haha) weaknesses. You know, along with cooking, and cleaning, and parenting, well, anyway, let's just move on.I've been observing my intense failure for several sicknesses now, and I've compiled a list to help you avoid completely losing it when your loved ones are sick....more

Ask A Scientist: The Plague, Extra Spicy

Question: Why was nutmeg important during the Black Death period?...more
Mmm nutmeg. :-)more

When Pregnancy Blows, You're Not a Bad Mom (or Woman)

A lovely client of mine recently made an important observation about the tone of many natural, holistic books on pregnancy and birth. She said, "The statement 'You're pregnant! Congratulations! You are now a sacred vessel of life.' makes me angry. Why is it that the act of carrying a baby is what makes me sacred? Am I not already sacred without the need of a pregnancy to create or justify my sacredness?" Indeed.I believe the intent of the sacred vessel statement is to help women embrace how great it is to be gestating a kid, affirming that they are special, worthy of extra self-nurturing. It's not malicious. However, this belief that pregnancy renders us sacred vessels puts an awful lot of pressure on women to match this projected beatific state with beatific behavior...even when they're just not feeling it....more
I had very, very difficult pregnancies -- and... well, yes. People with easy pregnancies don't ...more

Maximilien & the Chicken Pox

It's a rite of passage. Growing up I remember many of my friends getting the chicken pox. I remember getting the chicken pox. I don't remember the chicken pox being like this. ...more