Handmade Tree Stump Side Table

I’ve had this stump for a while now, and it actually started as a rustic side table with modern legs. It was beautiful, but I was ready for a change. And I have to admit, I was pretty curious what the wood looked like under all that bark. If you salvage yourself a tree stump and you own all your own tools, you can actually complete this project and create a stunning piece of furniture for under $30. It’s a pretty incredible transformation, considering the fact that side tables like this sell in stores for over $200!...more
Now that is some country charm! Love it!more

DIY Gold Rattan Side Table

Gold side tables all all over the internet.  Google them.  I felt that I needed one, but didn't want to spend the money.  This one didn't cost a dime.  I had everything. First, this old rattan side table that has been rattling around our house for years, is missing in a few places, but still sturdy.  So, before the wind set in the other day I took it outside and cleaned it in preparation for spray painting it....more