San Francisco is for Makers

Thanks for the lovely reminder of my trip to SF last year! If you have a chance, check out my ...more

Formerly streetless in Seattle...

Just a week ago, I was in a Seattle apartment icing a painful bruise to my shin bone, barely able to walk, certainly unable to do the sightseeing I'd planned for that one day of sunshine forecast during our visit. I was streetless in Seattle and thoroughly bummed. Yesterday, I was icing my healing shin after walking a 5K. What a difference a week can make!...more

Short visit sightseeing: One day in Seattle

There's a lot to see and do in Seattle. But if you don't have much time, it's actually a great place for a short trip too. Many of the main attractions are close together, so it's easy to see the sights (and then move on if you want to see more local spots)....more
Thanks! Yes, the weather was gorgeous! A couple drizzly afternoons (which I don't mind), but ...more

How to Wander Seattle's Pike Place Market

There’s nothing wrong with seeing the highlights of a place, the well-known “must-see” spots. But it’s always great when you can go beyond that, get off the beaten path, take the side streets, maybe even find some unique souvenirs....more

Where to Find Seattle Sightseeing Ideas

With a trip to Seattle on the horizon, I've been reading up on what to see and do while I'm there. Here are a few sites/lists I wanted to share:...more

Peche Island Day 2013

Cloudless blue skies, brilliant sunshine, and a tiny hint of a cooling breeze (which seemed to show up, rather conveniently, just when you thought it might be getting a little too warm for comfort) set the perfect September stage for Peche Island Day 2013. ...more
@Denise It really was wonderful! :)more

New York, New York

A question for those of you who have been to, or would like to visit at some future time, New York City: If you had a fairly limited, but as-yet-unscheduled block of time - in this case, several hours on a Sunday morning/afternoon in early August after BlogHer '12 and before returning to Canada - what would you choose to do and/or see? Where would you go? How would you spend your time? ...more

Photo frenzy in Tallinn, Estonia

The first stop on my cruise was Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It was a very beautiful and picturesque city indeed!  We spent our time in Old Town in Tallinn. And in the photo I am standing with my ice cream at the Town Square in Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia.Photos and full post at: Photo frenzy in Tallinn, Estonia...more

Tour guide vs. Tourist: The challenge of being a tour guide in London

“You’re too loud!” A man’s nylon-enshrouded arm waved for my attention, for everyone’s attention. He looked miserable.He sat among rows of over-prepared tourists, all wearing shoes so sensible they had no place in London. Some were shod with hiking boots. Others with bulbous white trainers, the sort resembling miniature cruise liners on each foot, which is, I suspect, their natural environment. But we were on an open-top tour bus in the centre of London, not the Alps or a 14-day cruise to the Bahamas, though a few wore the T-shirts.Somehow in a sea of immigration and unparalleled diversity, amid faces and accents of all hues and tones, these tourists still managed to concoct a look that said: We don’t belong here.Looking back at the still-waving man, I paused, microphone in hand, to assess the situation. He locked bespectacled eyes with mine and crumpled his face like he had a migraine that was entirely my doing. This one’s a problem, I thought – my first delinquent passenger as a new London tour guide....more

The Original Ghetto

As I mentioned in my Saturday in Venice post, I wanted to write a separate story on this area, as it fascinated me, and I had not previously visited there. ...more