Run from These Three Guys

When I started dating, my life felt like a Fellini movie.  I’d been with one person for thirty-two years, so going out was shiny and hyper-real.  But after a while, dating became sitting around Starbucks listening to some guy in software sales lament his failed relationships.  (240 calories per 16 oz chai latte.)...more

10 signs it's almost Christmas

I wasn’t going to write this week so I could take a break. But gung-ho Erin just can’t relax. I am driven to succeed! ...more

Fall Inspired Wooden Signs

Need a little last minute fall inspiration? Here are a few beautiful wooden signs to give your home some fall flavor!Simple "Apple Cider" sign......more

Symbol of the Week: The Sun

Before I decided to pursue freelance writing and blogging, I was seriously considering doing my Masters in Sociology with a focus on Semiotics.My gut told me to write, though, as it usually does. Still, signs and symbols are always on my mind so why not combine the two worlds? The Sun is my favorite symbol so this is where I’ll start....more

10 Signs They're In or Out

Is the person you are dating into you? Are they ready to commit? While this may seem like an easy question to answer, we’ve learned that people have different ways of defining dating versus relationships, and that they usually do so in a way that is very personal to their perspective. With that in mind we wanted to write about it to try dispel any nagging confusion you (or your dating partner) might have....more

Sign Me Up

  "Please wait to be seated...or I will smack you over the head with this heavy wooden sign."  ...more

Our State of Mental Health

Lianne Castelino It is steadily coming out of the closet.  And that's a good thing.  The words mental health or mental illness are not as taboo as they used to be.  Millions upon millions of dollars have been earmarked, recently, for all kinds of programs from all kinds of organizations (Bell comes to mind) and now the Ontario government has announced it is granting $257 million over 3-years to help youth cope with issues ranging from eating disorders to anxiety. ...more

A Little Waspy

I'm a big believer in "signs."...more

I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes... I saw the sign

Whenever my husband, Marc, and I go to Florida, we always start our trip the same way. My mom picks us up at the airport and takes us to her house for a light lunch. After we eat, we pack up the clothes we keep there, and head over to the hotel where we stay. On our way, Marc always stops off at little place nearby for a haircut.  The last time we went to Florida, we arrived on a Sunday....more