Empty Spaces

(originally posted on My Really Real Reality) I have two brass lantern-style candle lamps on my mantel.  They were once a treasured bargain find from 'Tuesday Morning'.  Now, I just find them tired looking.  Something which I don't even think much about unless it's that they need dusted or polished.  I don't care much for dusting or polishing; and it's because of this that I have decided it's time to find them a new ho...more
Thank you! I always appreciate your nice comments so very much! I like your use of the word ...more

In Praise of Quiet Weekends

I love a quiet weekend.  While Hubby had to work Saturday, I caught up on chores and TV shows I had missed.  Saturday night, we spent a quiet evening watching TV and reading.Sunday, after a few errands were completed...we settled in for the day.  Steaks on the grill for dinner, Hubby watching TV and me enthralled by the latest from one of my favorite authors.  Not a lot of conversation, but that comfortable silence between two people that actually takes years to achieve....more

An Open Space

Why Keeping Secrets Is Bad For Business

 Feminist and social campaigner Margaret Atwood once said, “Powerlessness and silence go together.” ...more

When Silence is Golden

sanjeeta kk ...more

The Sheer Power of Silence

Silence has the power to shake us at the core.  It also has the power to allow us to tap into the deepest and most important pieces of ourselves so we create our life, our business, our careers, our relationships, and our every single precious day in a way that is meaningful.  Eight years ago this Friday, 9/11 created a powerful hush that moved many to make lasting changes in their lives.  For others their proclamation of change fell by the wayside as emotions were forgotten or buried on the way back to status-quo because fear or complacency took the driver's seat. ...more

A form of silence I love is the silence at a sporting event when national anthems are ...more

Reading Stephen Cope: Braving Stillness

This post was meant to be for Monday, but alas... I started writing this on Sunday afternoon, and then around four, I realized that I felt horrible. Just horrible. A depressing sadness had descended upon me and I could not figure out why or from where. Marcy and I learned two hours later that our dear friend, Ken, had passed away at 4:15. (Make the connections there that you wish.) As soon as I knew this, the depression lifted. I felt such relief that he was no longer suffering. ...more

Stop endless mental chatter

Stop endless mental chatter Every thought that goes through your mind during your waking hours is impacting your life. Life becomes much more peaceful when you realise your mental chatter doesn’t need to express an opinion about everything, have ideas about everything and comment about everything. ...more

Sitting In Silence

I’m in America for a few days spending some time with my daughter before she returns to school for her last semester of college. While we were in the car yesterday, we were talking  and playing tug of war with the radio dial while I was driving. I was trying to focus on what she was saying as well as navigating the car and we went back and forth with the volume control until finally she said, “ I don’t like to sit in silence.”   ...more

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Video Happy Musing "Silence contains more than words can say" by Sally Huss

Video:  Sally comments on her Happy Musing "Silence contains more than words can say." ...more