I’m not Catholic but I like the idea of confession…and absolution. So…I hereby declare today (and every Friday henceforth until I’m bored with it) – RANDOM CONFESSION FRIDAY!Now…I’m not asking you to share your deepest darkest secrets. PLEASE do not do that. I’m just saying those little things people may not know about you cuz it might be a bit embarrassing or silly. Take my confession for today…...more

What's Your Frugal Style?


My Reverse Birthday Party

 As everyone keeps reminding me, the new year will be upon us very shortly.  Which means, in more Liz-centric terms, I will have a birthday soon  I'm a January 3rd baby, so I have my choice of New Years nuttiness or birthday nuttiness.  Very often, I opt out of both, because who has the energy after December?!But this time it's different.  I'm going for the birthday this year....more
@Karen Ballum That's a good idea - tying it to something festive.  Books, unless awfully ...more


I was unaware of this fun fact until today, but I have just discovered, after years of making jokes about it, that apparently the word gruntled actually IS the opposite of disgruntled. I'm not sure what to do with this information. The world just got a little weirder. ------------------------- ~ Dawn @ Alphabet Salad ...more

Relatively Silly

In a mad fit of clearing out and organizing, I came across a journal that I thought was lost. It was an interesting read. More on that later. But for tonight, since there seems to be some sort of televised gladiatorial contest today, a gem of sorts that I unearthed. I wrote it while staring out the window and trying to stay awake at the most boring job in the world - answering phones at a bank. Enjoy. October 27, 1995: Big Brown Camaro...more

I won!, I won a terrific prize from BlogHer.com!

I won the BlogHer contest of a trip for two to Las Vegas! I have received my prize and we are in the planning stages. Scheduling for what looks like mid-March during Spring Break 2011! Wow! I can't wait! It will be a road trip for at least 10 days, with a side trip to Los Angeles & Pasadena! Look for "On the Road to Vegas" starring Lynn & Joe Corona...more

Dear Coors Light

You don't know me, but we are old friends. I love your product and believe that I could be a very valuable ass asset to your organization. Consider this a resume of sorts. Not only would I make a great taste tester for the the highest quality control (my DREAM job), I am a great marketing and ideas person. If we could develop a cross-over type of position, I actually come up with my best ideas hiccup after I have had a few of your refreshing beverages (need proof, just read the archives). ...more