November 3 Prompt Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you'd love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?...more


Today is one day over the half way mark for the NaBloPoMo blog for thirty days challenge.  I haven't missed a day.  I am amazed - at myself.  I stopped posting these blogs to their website because sometimes the blog wouldn't load up completely on their page.  Therefore, they probably don't even know I'm still in.  Perhaps I'll post this one one their page.http://www.blogher.com/nablopomo...more

Yoga, Donut Holes, and a Hot Man (for Breakfast)

I had a great yoga class this morning. So great that I blatantly ignored the instructor’s suggestion to have a nutritious meal, and got donut holes from the place next door. I only wanted maybe two, but there was a dozen minimum, and because I only had a credit card, I needed to spend at least $5. I decided to buy a bottled mocha Frappuccino to reach the minimum. It added up to $4.75....more

Starting My Harry Potter... Maybe

Today, as the sun was rising on my second day at my new job, I was sitting at the bar's marble countertop drinking a coffee and reading this month's Vogue. The lighting was dim, the atmosphere was serene. Not even the old hardwood floor creaked. I sat indian style, staring out the window, reveling in the sheer stillness of the moment. ...more

Pottery Barn...Stop Stressing Me Out!!

I think the Pottery Barn catalogues that arrive in my mailbox stress me out more than any bill that might be stuffed in there with them.  Is that bizarre?  With each new season’s catalogues, I need to talk myself down from the mountain of an inferior complex I seem to take on. ...more

Someone's Talking In My Handbag....

 Someone's Talking In My Handbag...By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny GeeI kept hearing a far away voice, I turned to look, I see no one.  Skip, do you hear that, I asked.  Of course, Skip didn't hear it.  :)))We go into the waiting room... we sit after I signed in  I looked around ... there is that voice again.  I can't figure it....more

Bring Back Silly! 7 Simple Steps

Do you sometimes feel as though you’ve been an adult for WAY too long?Are you tired of doing the laundry, cleaning the cat box, flossing your teeth, dragging through from day to day, always the good little worker bee, doing the nauseatingly right thing? Being responsible, paying the bills, clipping coupons, getting the tires rotated, and postponing gratification got you down? Does “fun” seem an abstract, amorphous term, a long-lost acquaintance vaguely recalled? ...more
Hello there Melanie! Catching up on what I've missed the last week and this is a post I can use! ...more

My Husband Is Out To Destroy Me. Also Gerbils.

Ok, a slight overstatement. There are few things worse than to sit in front of a blank page and have NO IDEA what to write about. I'm much more in a reading mood than a writing one today....more
Thanks! My days seem to be very full of "nothing" all the time. He DID make me tea, so I let him ...more

When Ear Worms Attack!

Writing everyday is actually quite hard.  I mean, being funny everyday is hard when being funny includes drawing pictures.  Thankfully, I amuse myself and my standards are lower than everyone else's. Anyway, you can thank Mary for getting this stuck in my head, and now for getting it stuck in your head too....more
@victorias_view Sorry! Misery loves company? =Dmore

"You Went WHERE On Your Class Trip?!"

A Class Trip To Where???...more