Thank goodness for Renee

Every November for the past few years, I have made it a point to post one thing I’m thankful for every (okay, almost every) day. First, it was Facebook posts, then last year I turned it into blog posts. It has been good for me, particularly in the month that begins the holiday season, to make it a point to find one thing I’m thankful for each day.Today, I really needed an opportunity to look for something to be thankful for.You see, this morning Zander took off his pants and diaper and took a dump in the toy box....more

Why I love 9-11.

I haven’t watched TV all week. I have flipped the channel every single time any 9-11 coverage has come on. It isn’t to shield my kids from the terror. It isn’t because I’m not patriotic. It isn’t because I don’t want to remember.(Well, okay, maybe it’s a little that I don’t want to remember.)...more

Meeting That Biggest Loser Dude and Making a Dork of Myself

What would you say, if you had a chance to meet Patrick House, the most recent winner of The Biggest Loser? Probably something a lot less lame and awkward than what I said. He was standing alone, waiting to begin his talk at a local health club and I was in the audience. I decided I needed to take that opportunity to introduce myself and hopefully get a picture, since I knew I’d be blogging about his talk. Just as I walked up next to him, they started announcing him. ...more

Patrick is a really nice guy and an amazing role model for the kids at MindStream (thanks for ...more

Breaking News & My Mixed Feelings

I had a blog post all set to write. It was probably going to be something tongue-in-cheek and silly. I actually even sat down to begin writing it when the news erupted all over the TV, cyberspace and my phone. Osama bin Laden: Dead. Woah....more

Fly Extermination: Preschooler Style

  Last week, a fly meandered into our house and Colby made it his mission to get rid of it. I sat nearby nearly in tears of laughter while I watched him, very seriously, mind you, attempt to rid our home of this pesky intruder....more

Right?! I feel the same way!


BlogHer Network Member News, April 22: Lindsay Maddox on Lifetime's Balancing Act + More

Lindsay Maddox from Silly Mom Thoughts will be appearing on the Lifetime Network show Balancing Act on May 4....more

BlogHer Network Member News, April 15: Carmen Stacier in Redbook + More

Carmen Staicer of mom to the screaming masses was profiled in the March issue of Redbook, discussing if we should put our children on diets. ...more