Video Interview: Jennie Garth Talks to BlogHer About Silly Bandz and Back to School

The actress and mom of three talks Silly Bandz and back to school fashion rules -- and shares a Tales of the Schoolyard story with BlogHer. ...more

I would have worn them if my mom let me :)more

Into the World of Silly Bandz


What Not to Wear: Tween Edition

It was then I realized that his father had become responsible for buying every hip thing in my son's wardrobe. Somewhere along the line between those ironic onesies I used to buy from the Gap sale rack and the half-size Ray Bans his father discovered make Jackson look like a rock star, I had been usurped. My authority no longer extended any further than school uniform purchases and maintenance, but shopping had become a Man Sport for father and son, a new way to bond. ...more

We've recently had a bit of a tween clothing dilemma of our own: training bras! Oh the joys of ...more

Silly Bandz, Kooky Pens, Webkinz and The Gulf Oil Spill - Connections?

Harriet Shugarman Executive Director Climate Mama

Silicone Saves the Day

As I have previous...more