Similac recall: new FDA data on beetle-infested formula, other recalls too

A few days ago I received a plain white envelope in the mail from Abbott, the infant formula manufacturer. Inside was a form letter, telling me that the company was voluntarily recalling some of its cans of Similac powdered formula because they may contain beetle parts. The news was jarring; while I had just started my six-month-old son on solids, I wasn’t planning on including beetle bits on the menu....more

The Similac Recall and Why Breast is Not Always Best

I wrote two posts this week about breastfeeding in reaction to a post about the "breast is best" campaign: one titled, "Breast is Not Best" and the other titled "Breast Bitch." It was a week that at first seemed fairly quiet on the parenting wars front -- and then the Similac recall bomb was dropped. And in a week in which my breastfeeding posts would have simply been my request to stop using supremacy language in regard to a bodily function that is outside a person's control, it became a gathering spot to see, "see, see, breast is best!" ...more
This is hands down THE best article I have ever read on breastfeeding v. formula feeding. And ...more

Similac Infant Formula Recall Due to Potential Beetle Contamination

Certain Similac-brand baby formulas are currently part of a voluntary recall in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and parts of the Caribbean after quality testing showed a potential presence of a small common beetle. The FDA has decided that the formula does not pose an immediate health risk but there is a potential for infants that consume the product to experience some gastrointestinal discomfort. ...more

My son consumed an entire container of the recalled product and at least half of a second ...more

Booby Traps Set Breastfeeding Moms Up for Failure

Many mothers start out with the best of intentions when it comes to breastfeeding. Health experts agree that "breast is best" and the benefits of breastfeeding for both the baby and the mother are numerous. Yet while a lot of people give lip service to the importance of breastfeeding, there isn’t a lot of support for women once they make the decision to breastfeed. In fact, our society offers very little support to breastfeeding moms and often sabotages breastfeeding altogether. ...more
As the breastfeeding mom of THREE kids, now ages 27, 23 and 16, let me just say that I cannot ...more