Charitable giving vs. the value of compounding and debt reduction—a dilemma and temporary solution

On Saturday, Trent at the Simple Dollar blogged about frugality and social giving. I've been pondering something related for a few weeks—giving to charity and getting compound interest. You see, I'm 22 years old. This gives me a tremendous edge with compounding. Starting me investing now can make a big difference compared with investing later. ...more

I think you should consider other "giving" options - can you donate your time, while you're ...more

Mrs. Micah considers alternative sources of income

Trent at The Simple Dollar posted about this yesterday and it started me thinking. How can I diversify my income? Where are places where I can make a little or a lot? ...more

I am a long time fan of PPP and a member, though I no longer take opps (because I just do not ...more

Mrs. Micah's week review--good things happening!

50th post, woot! First good thing in the financial sphere: Something I think I'd forgotten to mention was that I promised myself to get $1000 of our cash cushion into a CD by my birthday. Well, my birthday was Thursday and I got it into an ING CD on Tuesday! Now it's earning 5.25% APY. It's a 12 month CD, so when we pull it out we'll have another $52.50. That's not much, but if we don't need it, we'll reinvest it in a CD and so forth. We'll probably take the earnings and add it to our mutual fund portfolio or somesuch. ...more

Yay! Thanks, Denise.more