Grandparents Day Celebration With Side Dish

Grandparents Day which was on September 7, 2014 is marked as a day to commemorate the special bond which is shared between grandparents and grandchildren. There is a trend of nuclear families these days and grandparents and grandchildren do not live under the same roof. So this is actually a special day celebrated by grandchildren who make sure that their cherished bond is not actually lost....more

A Healthy Bolognese sauce with Angel hair pasta

When Bolognese sauce comes to my mind, I somehow always consider it as a tasty sin that you commit if you are on diet. Originally this sauce is an Italian meat-based sauce for pasta. It is like a thick sauce in which you add ground beef or turkey or combination of both. It also contains some amount of heavy cream, milk and red wine which adds the unnecessarily added calories to this dish....more

Easy Comfort Food (you can share!)


Simple Recipes for Weeknights

Here are my best tips for getting dinner on the table in a quick, easy (and sometimes even healthy) way. Simple Dinner Tip #1 Make use of leftovers. We hear it all the time, we know it’s a good idea, but then we forget all about it. But seriously, if you’re roasting a chicken for Sunday dinner, cook an extra one alongside it. ...more

Just in case you have not had enough to eat!

I thought I would post a recipe because it's cold out, and you know how you like to eat when it's cold out! I made these Christmas morning. The kids were tired of eating monkey bread so I whipped up something different. PW has an awesome cinnamon roll recipe but it involves yeast and rising and it just scares me. So this is a really easy alternative. ...more

this sounds great, thanks for sharing! ~aimee


Hoisin Chicken with Steamed Vegetables from

This chicken dish is a simple and quick recipe that you can easily prepare for you and a friend in 30 minutes tops! I don’t know how hectic your weekday schedule is but I know mine is pretty busy and this dish is perfect for a last minute dinner. ...more