Bikes On My Mind

Urban bicycling has been at the center of several conversations over the past few weeks.  As a lover of cycling, but only occasional cyclist, I have participated in each of these conversations with great interest.  Part of my fantasy life includes regular biking to work and to do errands.  My reality, however, is 35,000 miles added to my odometer each year because of my suburban New Jersey, working mother of 4 existence.  Don’t get me wrong.  I cherish the time I spend in the car with my kids, listening to their latest iTunes downloads, sharing a laugh over “Wait, W...more

4 Simple Steps for Being Gentle with Our Thoughts and Ourselves

Image by DanielJames via Flickr ...more

Eco Stress. What Can We Do?

'Eco stress' is fast becoming a phrase commonly used.  People and especially parents are becoming more and more concerned with the state of our planet.  The biggest question is what kind of a planet are we leaving for our children?  With the ice caps rapidly melting and many species heading toward extinction due to climate change, will our children be safe in this future world?  How can we ensure that they will l ...more

Nice practical suggestions.  Just being conscious in your daily life will help you make ...more