Birth of a Minimal Maven

My journey to simplicity started in May, 2015.  To be honest, I have always had simplistic inclinations, but I also struggled with “keeping up with the Jones’”.  No more…On May 3, 2015, less than three weeks before my daughter graduated high school, my husband received the call we had been waiting on.  He received the job offer for his dream job.  The catch?  It was 600 miles away AND they needed him to start in three weeks.  Yep, I had three weeks to pack up 2,000 sq. feet and 22 years of possessions and move us 600 miles away....more



Seeking Simplicity Seekers!

TODAY I DONATED MY WEDDING DRESS…February 21, 2015Edit I donated my wedding dress today....more

Can You Make An Egg Stand?

In 1418, a competition was announced in Florence, Italy.  The city’s magnificent cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, had been under construction for more than a hundred years by then.  Its original design called for a grand dome to be built.  The dome was suppose be an octagonal shape, higher and wider than any that had ever been built, with no external buttresses to keep it from spreading and falling under its own weight. For over a century, no one knew how to build it....more

Paring Down, and the Power of Sentimentality

Even though the first stage in our "big move" is still some months away, I've...more

Simplicity-March 28

Whenever I think of simplicity, I think of a  delightful  song which was written by the Shakers calledTis a Gift to be Simple . Simple Gifts is a Dancing Song or a what is called a Quick Dance. Think about it for a moment. The Shakers danced during church services. Yes they started out in proper lines as was the custom in proper society’s ball rooms but this was not stiff, stilted dancing....more

Simplicity Sucks

Photo Cred: Organized Assistant.comIn the last week I realized that for quite sometime I have been ...more

New Years Intentions, 2014

So, another New Year is upon us! Funny, how that happens. I'm quite relieved, I must say, as 2013 has not been the best year for us. We have been through quite a lot this past year, but as 2013 has drawn to a close,  I think we did pretty well getting through it all....more

More Or Less in December 2013

 More or less - that's the theme of December's NaBloPoMo. It seems to fit right in with my own thoughts and ideas about what I want to blog about this month....more

Living Life on Purpose

As we begin this month of October and my favorite season on all, "Fall" I am thinking of all of the things in life that bring me joy and balance.  When I start to create my list it begins with slowing down and taking time for simple joys, like a morning walk, breathing deeply, being mindful of the relationships in my life, and experiencing old things in new ways.  Children help us with this process because everything they do brings a new discovery. ...more