The Five Best Mobile Apps for Simplifying Your Life

Who doesn’t want as many ways as possible to make their lives a little easier? Well, you are in luck because there are some truly great mobile apps out there that can help to streamline your busy days! Here are our top five…...more
Hi all! Has anyone tried Pozzr ( Looks like a great tool.more

Today Is a New Day

 Since yesterday, all my conversations have included at least one discussion about the obsequious trend of making new year resolutions....more
Ha! Good luck with that! @@BehavioralChildmore

How the Kindle Simplfied My Life

                                                                           BOOK TAKEOVER! ...more

I agree Connie. I have to budget too if not I will go overboard. We just purchased the Nook as a ...more

What Would You Sacrfice for the Life of Your Dreams?

In this American culture, we are raised to believe that we can have anything and everything we could ever dream of. The wider culture tells us that there is nothing we can't have if we want it badly enough. There is nothing that is beyond our reach. Our reach extends far: These beliefs are spreading over the globe like a poison. Unchecked desire leads to obesity of the body, mind, and spirit. ...more

Who's Leading Who?

I have 2 dogs that enjoy life.  They are quite  different but they both love to bark with their friends, playfully roll in the grass and run.  Dogs do several simple things seemingly unaware that I appreciate and advocate:  stretch enthusiastically first thing every morning, eat with gusto, move often, love deeply and sleep with abandon.  from my home blog at: ...more