Simple Living (Lessons 11 and 12)

     My 30 days of simplifying are stretching into 60 days.  I feel like living simply is a state of mind though, and not so much a race to organize.  I don't mind that this tiny book is taking me a long time to complete.  The more days I focus my mind on minimizing, organizing, and making things less complicated in my life, the more it will become habit....more

Reluctantly Minimalist - Closet to Crib

My first chicken to tackle is one that has been pecking at me for years without me really even knowing it.  A real Foghorn Leghorn....more

Travel: Simplifying Without Wasting

It's like a mini-product purge (sort of) like I did here, or maybe we could call it just being more efficient. Efficiently simplifying! See, we end up with a bunch of product samples -- mostly freebies that were included as special offers, or free with a coupon deal. And sample-sizes are perfect sizes for purse necessities or diaper bag needs, and finally, of course, small sizes for travel....more
Use. Very handy.more

5 Things I Would Like To Find

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) I've been thinking about some things I would really, really use; and I have chosen to compile a list of those in order to share them all with you.  (because I know you are just so darn interested in such things)1)  Jeans that fit.  I mean really fit.  Not - fit for the first hour you put them on after washing, but then get all loose in the waist and baggy in the butt.  Not - fit...more
 @beckeyp LOL! They are just sitting in their box in my cupboard. I think they are called Swift ...more

Participating in the Compact

I stated recently on the Withywindle Blog that I've decided to join The Compact for 2012. The Compact states that you will buy nothing new for an enitre year. There are exceptions of course - mine are food, household consumables, undergarments and emergency repair materials for the house. Otherwise I (and my family) will try to borrow, re-purpose or buy second-hand anything we find we need this year....more

Downsizing - Our First Efforts (In a Really Long Time)

I came across the Rowdy Kittens blog a few weeks ago, and my desire for a more simple life was hugely rekindled (thank you, Tammy!). I spent the weekend before last going though our home library with the goal of getting rid of enough books to remove a 6' bookshelf from our house.  Success!...more

Forget Verizon vs. AT&T: Why I Won't Get a Smartphone

My phone doesn't text or have Internet. It doesn't take pictures (I have a few other devices that take care of that pretty well!) or video. It doesn't have a touch screen. I don't even think it has any games on it. Know what else my phone doesn't have? A contract. A monthly bill. ...more
I think that you really have made a smart phone choice.more

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You...

                                                                   I’m looking for a few good men… and women.  It’s not every day I write a sentence that blatantly flirts with movie titles; that was fun, maybe I’ll do it more often!  We’re up to our eyebrows in inspiration for 2011 here at Ha Nui Loa.  For those new to these posts I’ll quickly point out that Ha is the Hawaiian word for breath, specifically the breath of life.  You may even have heard the phrase Aloha nui loa if you’ve been to the islands.  Ha is the first part of Hawaii; its life, it is the last part of aloha, you could say the life of love and hospitality.  When we say Ha Nui Loa we want to convey the thought “take a long, deep breath”.  Be at ease, rest.   The truth is we want to inspire you: there is a better way to live your day to day life, show you how to do it: not as difficult as you think, and give you the tools and confidence to continue on a new path: there are new destinations ahead!Ok, now that our intro is complete…cue music…on to new territory!  As we are all well aware we are decidedly into a new calendar, a new decade for that matter.  Thoughts of obligatory resolutions and determinations abound this time of year.  We are no exception, even those of us living on island time.  We went about our *consideration of things to come* process a bit differently this time around though, and while we are excited about some upcoming ventures, we really want to get some great info into your hands... ...more

Simplifying My LIfe One Lame Show at a Time

Photo courtesy of Getty Images...more