The Simpsons Take On Food Blogging

This Sunday night, The Simpsons will air an episode titled The Food Wife. It's a send-up of food blogging as only the Simpsons can do it—Marge, Lisa and Bart start a food blog called The Three Mouthketeers....more
HAHAHAHA... I love that! What no up at 4AM to get a post up in time?! #lifeofafoodbloggermore

The Best and Worst TV and Movie Moms (According To Me)

While it's certainly true that I may never be the best mom in the world (despite what a certain coffee mug I've been given might lead you believe), I'm fairly confident that I'm far from the worst. And why am I so confident, you ask? Well, because TV and movies told me so, of course! ...more

rad list. marge simpson all the way. ...more

"Spider pig, spider pig..."

Does whatever a spider pig does. Can he swing from a web? No, because he's a pig. My husband and I saw The Simpsons Movie last night. Thanks to the commercials being run approximately every 90 seconds whenever I turn on the tv, I've had Homer's spider pig song stuck in my head for weeks now. It wore me down. I wasn't sure I wanted to see the movie because the last few seasons of the show haven't been that funny. But we decided to go for it. ...more