Book Review, Stephanie O'Dea's The Mommy Blogger Next Door

I am so excited to share with you “The Mommy Blogger Next Door”,  by Stephanie O’Dea! This is the first book in an upcoming series about blogging. For me, it all started when I first searched for crockpot recipes and low and behold, this shows up…...more

Music Saved Her Life: The Day She Found Her Voice

It starts with a pulse inside my head. The beating of my heart; hard as lead. Can't get the music out of my mind. The rhythm of the words, the melody, the time. Melodies of sorrow, melodies of hate,; used to be my story, but now that's changed. I found a shining light and a brand new way, to live the rhythm of my life. The words have changed, the story's rearranged; to fit a life lived with a little less pain. Now I feel for the music, the music that saves. ...more

How Writing & Singing are Similar

My Blog...more

Goodbye Whitney Houston: "I Will Always Love You"

In 1992 Whitney Houston came out with the song I Will Always Love you, for her film debut “The Bodyguard.” And though I had already loved her as a singer, and was a big fan, her song, "The Greatest Love Of All," made a huge impact on me. That song showed the real power and capabilities of the voice she had. Such a range!...more
@elaineR.N. Me too. But his story is one I will use to share, telling my own children and ...more

What American English sounds like to non-English speakers

What American English sounds like to non-English speakers. you don't believe me? Listen up! (read more)From

Simon Says?

I can’t believe I’m actually writing for the 2nd time in a week about Simon Cowell and his shows. I’m not a Simon follower, I swear. I do watch Idol, mostly out of curiosity, but a Simon groupie I am not. And, if you read my post from earlier this week, you know I don’t have much respect for the entertainment industry anyway. I am bothered by how they prey on people’s talents, dreams, and delusions, especially when it comes to young kids. If you’re an adult and subject yourself to all that, I guess it’s your choice. But, not kids – it’s too easy to screw them up. ...more

The Sweet Sounds of the Callen Sisters

If you've been reading Blisschick for some time, you know how important music is to me. I just recently got rid of a daily music link not because I wasn't interested any longer but because it was taking up too much of my time; I too easily get lost in iTunes and could lose whole entire days moving from one great find to the next. ...more

Talent Fuels Dreams


Meet Jase!

Today I'm going to meander off the beaten path to introduce you to one of my all-time favorite musicians--my son, Jase Bryant! :) ...more