Play that funky music, momma

I like upbeat music. I listen to it when I run, when I am cooking and when I am cleaning. It puts me in a happy mood, which is always a good thing. ...more

Hello ... Adele

Hello ... AdeleThere is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.  ~Charles Dickens...more

Five Little Monkeys

The Toddler has discovered singing. She has two singing styles: crooning gibberish in a sing-song voice, and shouting random words from the lyrics of songs she knows. Both are hilarious....more

Attitude of gratitude: Thankful for music

I don’t remember a time when I haven’t known how to play the piano. I started lessons when I was 4 years old and took them through my freshman year of college. ...more

I wish I could sing

 Miss 14 and I went to a Katy Perry concert last night, a stadium show. Huge. Around 15,000 people. And she has sold out eight shows. What a spectacle. Imagine a massively amplified Alice in Wonderland married Cirque du Soleil and gave birth to some irresistible songs. Awesome. ...more

Is tone deafness mind over matter? My Halloween costume is on the line.

   Any ideas on how to make...more

If your son invites you to a concert... go!

Mother's Day gift this year?  A cross country flight to visit my son at college.  He was a fun and gracious host, enthusiastically introducing me to roommates, friends and teachers.  Best part? Front-row seat at his a cappella concert. The music was magical and brought me to tears.  So if you get an invite to visit your adult child's world... go for it.  Here is a taste of what I so richly enjoyed:   ...more

Joy Is A Flag Flown High

"Can I wear this shirt?" he asks. "It's The Maple Leafs. Can I wear it?" "You're supposed to wear a white shirt," I tell him and, of course, I'm thinking fancy - like a dress shirt with a collar. "It is white, mommy!" (as in 'mommy rhymes with dummy') "And it's a hockey shirt. Like for wearing to a hockey game..." his voice goes up but it isn't a question....more

Justin Bieber Didn't Ruin the Christmas Musical...This Year.

I could just imagine it:All the other kids singing their parts and doing the hand-motions. Sawyer, doing his own thing, approaches a microphone. No, I'm thinking. No. No. NO. NO. And then:  "As long as you lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove me..."...more

Is there ever really a good time to let your kids listen to Ke$ha?

Apparently some times are better than others. This became apparent when my oldest offspring took control of the musical Bluetooth features on the ole iPhone.  Her hunger for power shot straight to her head and she became Tiesto ... serving it up one morning on the way to preschool drop off. I guess the title kind of gives it away. You all know the song and I claim no personal knowledge on how that one made it onto my phone.<Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy ......>...more