If you want to date me: Please don't read my blog!

Ignorance is bliss. I'm quite fabulous, actually....more

Single Abroad: I Don't Want to Be Your Fantasy Tour Guide

Is the ex-pat's life ideal? Italy is beautiful but the men aren't really cutting it. They're too aggressive and have a generic idea of romance. And the foreigners aren't much better -- all they want is a no-strings, no-pressure fantasy tour guide who'll show them the ruins in eight-inch heels, engage them in witty conversation and generally tend to their entertainment. It's enough to make you want to give up on dating altogether! ...more

Lies, Guys, and a case of Social Leprocy

In recent days I haven't reported in detail my (mis)adventures in the dating world, as there haven't been any. One can still consider oneself a social leper even if said individual is receiving mail on a regular basis via web-dating sites. I haven't been on any dates since I started. Seriously. (How long have I been doing this?...more

Yes! I've got a date with Geroge Clooney! (or do I?)

Last summer I was receiving semi-regular emails from a site I had not subscribed to. I initially thought it was updates of friends' online flicker updates or similar, so without looking I deleted them. However one noted that 'someone is looking for you' .... which which I didn't quite understand, but piqued my interest. Upon closer inspection I had indeed been duped. It was actually from an online dating website. In the body of the email were 2 photos of people I recognized, and knew from Salerno....more

Radar, Muppets, and the Relative Sexy-Ex

Like I always say, he knows...  "He's got radar." Within 2 hours of my last blog post on Wordpress (where I mention HIM and his penchant for The Muppet Show), I got a text message from Cristian.(I suspect he likes them better)...more

There Will Be No Wine but plenty of Cheese

Here it comes... that gale of disappointment... and down like the Titanic. This time I am not being over-critical. It was too much information, and a red-light the size of a lighthouse beacon...Just when you think you haven't met the uber level of cheese from someone you think could be a decent candiate to know better.......more

No Sex, Just Kick-Ass Chocolate Brownies

I can't be sure some of you won't consider this "grasping at straws," but I can assure you it's not...  it's just today's post is not going to include any bits of my sordid love-life, exes, disillusionment, rock-star sex or mentions of "Bell Jars."(However I just may publish one of the above within the next 12-hours). It's just that last Friday I realized  - POST sugar/chocolate craving  - btw: thanks L.J.):" I make/made the best f'cking brownies... EVER."...more
my mouth's watering...more

4 Friends and A Criminal

Earler last week I engaged stage 1 of "Operation Escape Social-Coma" via cooking dinner for my girl-crew of 2 (Tani and Lavinia) and inviting Francesco a cop friend, who recently did me the favour of signing my new passport application as a "guarantor."...more

Esoteric zeitgeist and playing a mean pinball

Here is a fitting profile written by yours truly, for one of my "guest stars," based on my most recent experience: Egocentric,  passionate, passive-agressive,  mad-genius with extreme adversion to using telelphones (but owns an iphone), would love to dazzle you with everything profound and despite several proclamations with the full intention to meet-up, will jerk you around for months without setting up said meeting, (or for that matter having a live text-chat, or actually calling you on the phone for a real conversation minus the keyboard), if only to see how long it will take t...more

Conversations and kicking thy own butt

Over the past month I have had a good hard look at myself. Which led me to a few conclusions and a conversation with yours truly (usually on public transit immediately before the temptation to take up nailbiting for sport),  but to clarify - said conversations take place in my own head, not aloud because THAT my friends, would be CRAZY...Cakes, I hate to tell you this but, you NEED to get your shit together.First off,  your ass – it’s looking too flat. Remember it back in the day? HmmHmm, smokin’....more
@Wanderoke It's so tragic, I tried on my favourite red dress and it was horrendous. I can't ...more