The spy that likes me...

No, I am not dead, in a coma, or in a body cast without the use of my digits...  just simply sliding in and out from under the bell-jar these days (incase you were wondering.)Today my girl Tani called me fron her work gig up north with my quasi-scheduled dose of reality: "You keep saying you want to meet people, but how can you meet anyone when you NEVER leave the house? You are turning into a monk."...more

Thick skulls and those damn healthy brownies... Happy New Year!

2 days ago in a blogpost, I made a comment in jest:"No more stalkers or chronic masturbators, tongue-rapes in fiats, nor run-ins with exes...."Before that one:"The presence of said (wedding) rings actually function to help to keep the diabolical creeps,  à la our friend ‘Roberto’ at bay. (ie. “Hey, I’m married to a cop, so leave me alone a'hole.”)...more

Cheese-balls and Matadors of Christmas past: A rant

I'm not feeling it... You know - all jolly and festive. This prior manifestation (or lack there-of) was well before the notice I  got on late Friday night via text, from a so-called 'friend' that Christmas Eve, the Christmas dinner she invited me to (2 weeks ago), infact no longer will take place and they (the family) will not be at home. Said friend said she only discovered this a few minutes before she sent me the text (less than a day in advance)....more

Dear Santa...

“What you really, really, really, want (that’s 3 reallys) - you will get…What you really, really, really don’t want - you will also get.”-Dr. Wayne Dyerchecking that list twice Dear Santa…...more

Sex or sushi? A moral dilemma…

I met with Dog-Guy the other morning and he was doing surprisingly well considering first undergoing a vivisection, then a steam-rolling due to last Wednesdays's break-up. They had  been living together for just 2 months . He had moved 6 hours south to be with her and spent over 3000 euros in equipment in order to continue his pedigree breeding business. She was 43, had a 7 year old child, looked like Glenn Close with a bad haircut, and spent 2 thousand euros-a-month of his money on shopping, all the while simultaneously receiving texts on her cel....more

Quasi-futility and NOT being the Rebound-girl

It's ironic really, I post a profile on a web-dating site and despite the interest, I still never end up  leaving the house (especially to go on dates) or do much of anything for that matter. My apartment is currently in a state reminiscent of a frat-house, and the small human head-size dust bunnies scurrying over my ugly ceramic floors consisting of about 80% dog hair -  I believe will morph any day now and start growing eyes and teeth. I can only imagine what biological nightmares are breeding in my bathroom as my toilet looks cleaner than my sink....more

The verdict is in...

 I was right about ‘Tuscany,’ dead right. Damn I’m good. My scum-detector is fully functional. Now I can smell them coming off like a cheap suit. I knew he was hiding something, and I finally got it out of him.I'm no pushover. ...more
Reading this post was entertaining...but I could also anticipate the train wreck (the more I ...more

Next please! FYI, you can't keep a good girl down

When it's too good to be true, it probably is.He was there (Pescara)... then 'POOF' he was gone. I've gone from "stupendous" to lost and discarded in web-dating oblivion... and likely due to some vulgar Italian muffin-top wrapped in lycra, with sausage legs, fake nails, coiffed hair, a rank belly button, and enormous tits. Fine, be with her. I'll get over it, you'll see. She'll probably hate your dog, subscribe to infinite gluttony, then you will wish you hadn't disappeared from my virtual zone of love, devotion, and fidelity....more

Dogs vs. Sheep – The Dealbreaker

Finding a good,decent, mentally stable man is like trying to find a Diet Coke vending machine in the Sahara Desert. What would I doing if internet dating weren’t possible? On second thought… Maybe I shouldn’t bother asking myself this question as I already know the answer. Bars, bookstores, and bowling alleys (and always coming up dry.) The fact is - it IS possible,  I AM doing it, and it is doing my head in. (And having my period  – doesn’t help my clarity much, as you’ll soon see.) ...more

What's in a Number?

  We all have a Number. No, I'm not talking about your phone number.  Not your street...more
I feel like honesty is a lost virtue nowadays. It's hard to find someone willing to say it how ...more