A Comparison: Single Life vs Married with Children Life

It goes without saying that life as a married mother of two varies significantly from my former life as a single and free city girl, but I’ll say it anyway: MAN, has life changed. There are some MAJOR changes, like the fact that two little terrorists cherubs depend on me totally and completely for everything that they want and need....more

The Tale of Hope

With all the bad dates and even worse pick up lines having hope can seem silly.  But, I have hope... I have hope that one day my "Ex" and I will get back together and I also have hope that I may find someone even better for me than him if that doesn't pan out.  There is someone that intrigues me.  I wouldn't say that I like him, I'm just curious.  He doesn't know and that is okay.  I think it is almost better that ...more

Beyonce's "Single Ladies": There's a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Let Kids Do Pop Music

Listen; I'm not a prude or a saint. I occasionally swear in front of my kids. I let them listen to most "popular" music and answer their questions when they want to know what something means, because I think they're better off learning it from me than from their friends. My philosophy is that it's a losing game to try to shield them from suggestive lyrics, so instead I try to listen with (and to!) them and offer explanations alongside infrequent opinions. (Because sometimes I just have to say, "You know? I think that's kind of inappropriate. I'd rather you not sing along to this one.") ...more
I am appalled! How can any sane parent allow their 7 year old daughter to wear that skimpy ...more

Fun with Beyonce "Single Ladies" Video Parodies

She's with the Obamas.  She's hangin' with Justin Timberlake on "Saturday Night Live."  She sang at the big inauguration concert yesterday.  And tomorrow night she'll sing "At Last" for the Obama's first presidential dance.  She's Beyonce and if you haven't heard, she's got a little single out called, "Single Ladies."  The video of that catchy dance tune with Beyonce shaking her thang has for some reason sparked one of the biggest online parody frenzies, evah! ...more

I think little Joe looks like he's gone off his meds!  But as Maria said, the tweens will ...more