The Downside to Online Dating

“Are you online?” If you’re single, chances are you’ve heard this.  When you aren’t in a relationship, everyone around you suddenly transforms into a relationship expert.  They all know what’s best.  They will tell you to try this, or stop doing that, or did-you-know-their-neighbor’

Online Dating 101

There’s a conversation topic that keeps coming up lately no matter where I am or who I’m with.  I’ve had it with friends, I’ve had it with family, and I’ve had it A LOT with coworkers; especially the youngins who know WAY more about this topic than I do.So what is this topic I can’t seem to escape from, you ask?Online. Dating....more

Men’s Cologne – A Love Story

So the young guy in my building just showered and put on nice cologne. I’m about to claw through his door to bite him.What is it about nice cologne that makes women (just me?) crazy? I know what the guy looks like, he’s not attractive. He has a girlfriend and he’s younger than my children. None of this matters.Must. Bite. Punk.Naw, he’s not a punk and he tastes like bananas. (Probably the ones his mom mushed up for his breakfast. Visit me at:
I have gone past cologne, I read Mr.x - A New York Love Story and want a Man in a fine suit. I ...more

An Experiment With My Insanity – Christmas Sucks

On the occasion, my sense of humour takes a vacation and I’m forced to take drastic measures to cheer up. This time of year is particularly hard because most people are stressed out and are short on humour themselves. What to do, what to do?I can go kick my ex in the balls? Merry Christmas, Jackass?I can go and pretend to steal people’s parking spaces?I can go to people’s houses and redecorate their trees?Looks like I’m getting beaten up for Christmas.Oh goodie, an emergency room Doctor, haaaay.

Oh Honey, Momma Wants a Motorcycle Cop.

There are a lot of bikers in my group of friends, I love them, they are fantastic and wonderful people. However, I am attracted to NONE of them. I hate the leathers, I hate the tattoos and I hate the beards. I went out of my way to go to Port Dover for one of the Friday the 13thparties. I was expecting (and planning) to find a hot biker guy so I can FINALLY fit in with my group. Out of the 150 thousand bikers there, the only guys I thought were attractive were security guards....more

An Experiment With My Insanity – Broken Gas Tank Door

A month ago I broke the gas tank cover on my car, and worse, I barely touched it and it snapped right off. Awesome, right? You may think I look confused all the time, but look at me holding the gas tank door. I look at the car, look at the broken door, the car, the door. Bewildered is the word of the day, sexy right? Sexier than hell.The best part of this story is that it’s actually true, I have to do this whenever I get gas.It’s funny, married, single, ALL men are willing to help a damsel in distress. Bless these hunks....more

He's/She's Just Not That Into You: The 4 Ways You Can Reject Someone in the Dating World

When you’re in the dating scene, you’re likely going to meet a lot of different people.  And because this is the way the world works and not everyone likes or has an attraction to every person they meet, you’re occasionally going to have to reject someone at some point down the road.But the question is… how?  Rejecting someone is never easy, unless they did something rude, obnoxious and/or disrespectful which may warrant a big ole “go kick rocks and never contact me again.”...more

Everyone's a Dating Expert: My Life as a 31 Year Old Single Woman

"Maybe I won’t get married, you know?  Maybe I’ll do one of those Eat, Pray, Love things.  Ugh, no I don’t want to pray.  Forget it, I’ll just die alone." —The Mindy Project————————————————————————————————————————...more

The weight of being alone

A few months ago my future daughter-in-law Montana brought her best friend Arden over to see my new house before I moved in. After we'd walked through the empty rooms she asked me, "Who's going to live here with you?"...more