Still Single After All These Years

I think everyone hits a point where they think, “Really? Still single?!”For the most part, I’m happy and complete the way I am. Or at least, I work towards that every day. I’d be a big fat liar if I said that being alone was my preference. It’s not. But until they invent this thing where you can snap your fingers and out pops a great boyfriend, it’s up to me to find a wholeness in my current being. It’s up to me to not worry about loneliness, or other people’s engagements or weddings, or those irrational fears that I’ve used up all my chances. I’m the only one who can cut the rumination.And most of the time, this works.But I’m not, like, a robot. I can’t operate in perfect stasis all the time. And I think, the longer one stays single, the harder it becomes to imagine that you’ll ever be able to reverse the tide. So then I start to have small moments of panic: “Really? Still single?!”...more