The Loneliest One

Can someone please explain to me the mania for multiple children? I have one daughter, and literally in the delivery room, the nurses started talking to me about “the next one” I was going to have. I was 37 when I gave birth (after 36 hours of labor), and frankly, the idea of doing that again as I get closer and closer to 40 isn’t tremendously appealing.But not only that. I’d really love to be pregnant again, because I really enjoyed it. (Yes, I’m one of those jerks who had an easy, problem-free, no side effect pregnancies. Well, except for heart burn.)...more

The Opinions of Others

Let’s talk opinions.I’ve been told, by way of personal opinion of others, that I can’t raise my daughter to be anything but a self-loathing black person. “She’s going to hate herself because you don’t know how to create a positive role model for her.” This encompasses everything from being ignorant about caring for her hair (as if I wasn’t even going to bother with basic maintenance) to failing to engage her in any way about her background....more

Your Ex's Time With the Kids is Your Time to Take Back Your Identity

When I stumbled across “Why I Cry in My Car Every Wednesday at 6:45am” by Lauren Napolitano, Psy.D., my first thought was that she was headed to a job she hated. But then I learned her devastation was caused by honoring a shared custody agreement. I was indignant, angry even, that she would catch a case of the boo-hoo-hoo’s because her girls were headed to daddy’s house for a few days. Many women, myself included, don’t have the luxury of a healthy co-parenting relationship....more
LNapolitanoPsyD  I definitely understand and that's why I tried not to only look at your ...more

Divorce, Blame, and Poverty

Ralph Reed, the founder of Faith and Freedom Coalition, asserts that the “no-fault divorce revolution” is the source of US economic woes and that laws making it harder for people to get divorced would help poor woman and children more than more food stamps would....more

What's It Like to Work With Tyler Perry? Zulay Henao And Wendi McLendon-Covey On 'The Single Moms Club'

You've seen her on ABC's The Goldbergs and Steve Harvey's Think Like a Man, and if you she made you laugh on screen, you can imagine what it was like interviewing, Wendi McClendon-Covey. ...more
Great interview Ty!more

Review of Tyler Perry's 'The Single Moms Club'

Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club is undoubtedly, a must see film for single moms specifically and mothers, in general....more

Strong Women Survive: A Guide to Surviving Divorce and Thriving

Wow! The day is finally here. My book is done. I put my heart and soul into this book. I will be publishing it on Amazon tonight. It is truly soul baring for me as I am usually a very private person. I wrote this book because I wanted to help other women get through divorce. Not only get through it but to thrive. I wanted to encourage women that no matter how difficult your life seems things can and will get better. If we unite together we can get through anything....more
Congratulations! I love the title of your book, too.  I also wrote a self help book for women ...more

6 New Rules to Dating When You’re A Single Mommy

I was never good at dating. I never understood the rules, wasn’t a fan of the whole ambiguous “we’re just talking phase,” and I definitely hated having to experience the awkwardness of all the “firsts.” I guess this might partially explain why I stayed in terrible relationships for so long. At either rate, I digress....more

Twenty Questions With Mardi Jo Link, Author of the new Memoir Bootstrapper

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the car, listening to NPR, and there was an interview with Mardi Jo Link, author of a new memoir, Bootstrapper. I pulled the car over and just sat and listened to her talk about trying to keep her farm when she got divorced and how difficult it was that first year.This is from the Amazon page, about the book:...more

Love-Sick Moms Talk Tough Questions

It was a week of rough questions for the only two Virtual Moms who had a half an hour to tear themselves away from their lives.  Of course, it was the two freelancers, and of course, the two most desolately depressed moms of the bunch.  And what do you think they talked about?  Love....more