Unmarried Moms: A Look at the Numbers

Numbers follow us everywhere we go. Our height, our weight, our shoe size, our age. Statistics. They are just numbers. Math with no feelings attached. Want to hear some numbers? In 2011, 4.1 million women reported that they had a birth in the last year. Of these women, 35.7 percent were unmarried at the time. ...more
@lifewithRoozle The other irony/ flaw of this study is, of course, that it doesn't take into ...more

I'm A Mom: I'm Not Allowed To Be Sad

I've been having a rough week. There's been a big convergence of stuff going on, mostly financial and mostly really serious. On top of that, I'm battling a minor health issue that's dragging me down, and I'm feeling more than a bit overwhelmed by it all. I desperately need to crawl into bed and have a really good cry. I can't, though. I'm a single Mom, and I have primary physical custody of my kids....more
Sending big Mom hugs your way. Although I am not a single mom, I can relate to a certain extent. ...more

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

I very rarely, if ever, give myself enough credit, but I have, indeed, come a long way.  I've come a long way from: The frightened, ashamed, in-shock woman I was when I realized I had to call off my engagement when I was only 2 months pregnant and proceed as a single mother by choice. The justifiably angry woman I was during 7 months of gestating all by myself because I had no one to take care of me during a time when most women are cared for with an abundance of love and attention and made to feel special. The mother of a newborn; alone, exhausted, riddl...more

Rising from the Ashes and Taking Second Chances

Sometimes life is all about taking second chances; having the courage to look into the mirror, square into your own eyes, and bravely and resolutely say that you will not accept defeat. “Carpe diem quam minimum credula,”—seize the day, putting as little trust as possible in the future—like life, a disambiguation. And that’s just what many single moms are doing today, seizing the moment....more
 @Champagne Tastes Yes, this seems to be an all-too-familiar story. And I, too experienced ...more

Moving On

"Moving on, no matter how much it hurts, is our way of loving ourselves enough when others don't." - Issa Mas...more

Pushing Your Past Out Into Your Future

I'm guilty of many things that are less than healthy (ice cream addiction, Oreo cookie addiction, couch addiction, etc.), but one of the most unhealthy things that I've always done and I am working on changing is the fact that I allow my past to cause me pain in the present, so much so that I sometimes end up pushing my past out into my future.  What do I mean by that?  I'll tell you....more

...so when do we start embarrassing our kids?

So, I can't tell you I have it all together. That would be a lie....more

Statistics and Single Moms: My Child Isn't a Criminal!

When I read statistics on single mothers, the only question I had is if we raise criminals and drug addicts is this not the father's fault, the one who choose to walk away? I agree a child needs two parents, but Single Mothers did not make children out of thin air, no matter if it was a one night stand or a long-term relationship. The mothers should be hailed as heroes for the responsibilities they willingly take and do to the best of their abilities. ...more
@mommaheids I'm so sorry you have so much on your plate but keep your head up and when you get ...more

Late Night Jump Off

I know I’ve been a little slack with my writing the past week or so, but I’m trying to get back on track. Of course, when I have crazy stories to share, I immediately find my way back to my blog. As I mentioned in a previous post Xavier (my 18yo son) was liberated when he finally got his car out of the shop....more


My circumstance yesterday sums up the foundation of all that causes me distress, depression and heart ache. Yesterday I had to choose between nursing my sick son and going to work. What kind of choice is this? Wouldn't any mother choose her child over her job? But I really didn't have a choice. Without a solid job that pays for sick days and being as economically depressed as we are right now, I have to work EVERY day I can find work because if I don't, rent doesn't get paid. It's sounds so doom and gloom but unfortunately that's what things are right now.  ...more