Being Single

I have not had sex in 2 years.For someone who has been known to say to a potential mate:  'You bring out the animal in me'.  This is not a good thing.  So number one on my 'to do' list for 2011 is to have sex. Lots of it. Preferably with someone else, rather than low lighted scented candles and self seduction.  How I go about achieving this warrants it's own special 'to do' list, so I will dedicate an entirely new post to it - watch this space....more

Octomom: A Mother in Name Only

If you're looking for family tragedy, just go to the headlines: Lindsay Lohan and her family. Brittney Spears and hers....more

Moms: How much is your heart worth?

If you’re a mother, you’d better think long and hard about this question. Science is teaching us about the hardships that life imposes on the hearts of women, and for many of us, the news is sobering. At a recent American Heart Association meeting, Dr. Michelle Albert presented research scanning ten years that shows that women who experience a lot of stress at work are 88% more likely to have a heart attack.  So what exactly does “stress” at work mean? Stress means feeling underused and powerless over our decisions or experiencing high job strain....more

All the Single Mothers, All the Single Mothers

                                      All the Single Mothers, All the Single Mothers...more

Pimp Out Your Kid on National Television to Get a Husband?

I’ve been avoiding The Bachelor this season. Jake Pavelka, the 31-year-old commercial pilot from Texas seems like a nice guy and all, but the overly sexy promos have left me wondering, where are they getting these girls? The trailer park? ...more

24 Days Old -Easier than 24 Years?

My friend adopted her first baby.  My baby just moved out and started law school.   We both have sleepless nights.  We both worry about our girls' futures.   We both stare at our daughters pictures online; my friend trying to decide which to send off to friends, me looking at postings she has shared with me on Facebook. We both worry about our daughters savings accounts and how the current economy might affect them. And we both want the everything in the world for them. ...more

Signs He's A Nut, Loser or In Need of Prayer

1. He does not support himself - exclusively. After 18, parents in the United States are not obligated to support adult children! 2. He curses and swears (period). 3. Mistreats his mother or other women in his life. 4. He expresses no interest in your kid(s). 5. He doesn't value your time (i.e. late, lies about when hexll call, etc.) 6. Hexs trying to sleep with you. (You respect yourself and demand that he do the same) 7. He puts his work before you. 8. He is has a violent streak (or he has an angry disposition) ...more

"I might be a divorced single mom but DAMN, I'm FANTASTIC!"

My best friend and I have been through hell this year - of the infidelity and divorce kind.  If any life crisis can strip you down to your bare boned Self it's having your spouse leave you for another woman! But my best friend and I have worked REALLY hard to amputate our old married Selves and begin reconstructing new identities.  And we've made great progress... ...more

Don't Listen to the CRAZY People