I Dreamt of Chicken and Basketball Last Night

I admit, I am a bit superstitious at times. I do believe that there are things that exist in this universe that cannot be explained by science or religion. I sometimes even have premonition dreams. Not regularly, but it does happen. For instance, I knew that I was going to get this particular job that I had desperately wanted. I dreamt right before S and I shared our first kiss; before he first professed his love for me. Despite my brother's dream of his first child being a boy, I, on the other hand, dreamt of being with my niece. Unfortunately, they are not always pleasant dreams....more

This is How Much I Want You

 One more thing accomplished…day 3 FSH level blood test – check! Now hopefully the results will be okay…Prior to this, it was quite the day…...more

Black Sheep...or Pioneer of Today?

I am 35 years old, Chinese/Canadian, and find myself to be in the unique, yet ever-growing, group of women attempting to become single mothers by choice.To my family's dismay, I have always been the black sheep out of the bunch. Rather than choosing a well-paid career path that is respected within our culture, I decided to pursue education and eventually followed my heart into social/humanitarian work.At quite a young age, I also decided to move out into my own little place *gasp*...before getting married (to a nice and wealthy Chinese man of course)....more

Advice New Single Mothers Can Use to Build Their Village

Single parenthood, like all forms of parenthood, comes with its ups and downs, but going into the situation with a little advice in your back pocket can make the journey easier. As a single mother, I know what you're going through right now, and my experience as a life coach for other single mothers has helped me to collect a lot of advice over the years. Whether you planned in advance to be a single parent by choice or your new role has taken you by surprise, there may be a few questions you're asking yourself. ...more
Being a single parent is challenging to say the least, it's always helpful to find resources ...more

Becoming a Single Mother by Choice

Making a choice to parent on your own is huge and it is scary. It is also liberating. You are making a decision and acting on it on your own timeline. You are calling the shots about when you will become a parent. ...more
Gosh, I love this post and want to sit down by a campfire on a beach and talk to you (and Issa) ...more

Not so Fly, Girl

What I am about to say is absolutely based on gut feelings towards a movie that I have not seen, nor do I have any intention of seeing unless it is a sponsored event by a new cast of Mystery Science Theatre and I can bitch and moan all the way through until the closing credits. And yes, I think it is obnoxious that I am going to say what I am going to say based on my feeeeeeelings, but I have tried to ignore them and it isn't working out so well. ...more