How To Budget As A Single Parent

  Being a single parent means you are solely responsible for your family finances and as the sole provider, it also means that things can get expensive especially since you shoulder the financial burden alone and so it's necessary to properly plan out your finances so you can man...more

When Coworkers Don’t Empathize With Your Single Parent Life

For the most part, I’ve always been fortunate enough to work with bosses who were completely understanding of me being a single mom. ...more

Who Makes it Special?

Long ago, in a land not so far away, I picked up the label "special." Not me, no, the label was for my special needs child. This is what we call it now. Retarded, held back, different, slow, freak - we're moving past those awful stereotypes; those terrible words. Now, we're special, and when things are special, life changes. There is no going back.Divorce and single parenting strikes many families when a special needs child is born. When I thought the one closest to me would help me, rally around me, I found myself alone to parent two children....more

Secrets to Happy Single Mommyhood

Single motherhood can be challenging but also hugely rewarding. Here's my top secret to successfully managing a well-rounded fulfilling life and becoming a single mom superstar.Ready for it....Know exactly who you are and truly, deeply appreciate those parts of you!So how do we get clarity on who we are and what we love most about ourselves? It requires some deep reflection and a serious personal assessment session with yourself. Here are three simple steps....more

Le Sigh...

Life.  Life is never easy.  That is extremely true.  When you are given some challenges it's up to you to decide how you will handle these challenges.  To you tackle them head on? Do you crumble and cry? Do you run? I tend to do all the above....more

Always a woman

“Love me like you loved me when you loved me and you didn’t have to try.”   Luke Bryan I lost a friend this week and it really sucks.  Being new in a community and being a single mom, I don’t come by friends easily.  I don’t have time to get out and make friends.  I’m always at work or with my son.  I met this man online and immediately liked him.  He made me grin, think and relax, and I know that I did the same for him....more
You are right.. you were selling yourself short!!  Some of us luv ya, just cuz you are you.. ...more

Why It Took 10 Years to Diagnose My Son's Autism

Thirteen years ago, I had my first son, Ethan. Like any mom, the one thing I hoped for was a healthy child. By all accounts, he was exactly that. I read all of the books I could get my hands on before he was born, and I really thought I had a firm handle on this parenting thing. At some point during my first year of Mommyhood initiation, I developed an unwavering tenacity to take on whatever obstacles life would deal to me. I had a newfound purpose in life that I had never felt before. A Momma Bear was born. ...more

What About Our Civilian Contractors?

So after just getting of of Skype with my fiance and son of my father, I have to say that sometimes sadness takes over. Knowing that he has been in the Navy for 8 years and the Coast Guard for 2. As the American people are still struggling in this economy he has taken a civilian contract job over in Afghanistan to support our family. Although I am extremely grateful for what he is doing as a fiance, father, and man it truly does make me sad to know that he will be over there serving with our troops. But this time as a civilian contractor things will be a bit different for him. ...more

Single Parent vs Married Families: Stop the Comparisons

Some headlines just beg a clicking, for better or for worse. Marriage: America’s best antidote to child poverty, was one of those. In this piece, the Heritage Foundation presents the argument that because a disproportionate number of families with children living in poverty are single parent ones versus married ones, the United States should advance policies that promote and reward marriage. Frankly, suggesting marriage as the solution to poverty because a high number of those in poverty are unwed is like promoting becoming white as a solution to poverty because a high number of those in poverty are nonwhite....more
To the author: as a professional researcher, I can tell you that your assumptions are wrong. You ...more

Child Support: Can All States Do What Maryland Is Doing?

I read an editorial piece from the Baltimore Sun about Maryland’s efforts in collecting child support from non-custodial parents. Basically, Maryland was frustrated with the results the standard practices were yielding, put some thought into it, and changed things up. And they’re getting results. I, of course, was interested. Better child support collection methods? Do tell....more