Creativity and Motherhood...Put this in yer basket and balance it!!

       I get into an involuntary artsy mode fairly regularly, and I just have to make stuff or I'm a royal grouch.  Usually it's music... I see the same phenomenon in my eldest child and only daughter.  We apparently have an inexplicable, hardwired emotive-compulsion that comes on ragin' of its own accord and we have to get crackin'.     My own mother was uber supportive in wonderful ways (both great and small) when I clicked into this creative gear as a little girl.  Anecdotal dialogue example:...more

One Great, Big Single Mom Perk: I Get To See The Avengers - Without My Kids Watching Me Drool

One of the few plusses to being a newly single Mom is that I now have something I never had before while married: kid-free days and nights. My time is my own on those occasions - what a heady thought! It wasn't easy in the beginning - on my kids' first night with their father, I lay sobbing in my daughter's bed, clutching my son's forgotten favorite stuffed kitty and wondering what I was missing in their lives during these moments. What happened to my daughter at school that day? Did my son wonder why Mom wasn't there to kiss him goodnight?...more

Idiot Parents and Psycho Kids, Does Not a Good Family Make

Be prepared for controversy today. I know some of you may have strong opinions on this one, but hear me out... ...more

Here's Your Holiday Frozen Dinner Kids, Now Pour Mommy Another Drink...

This is going to be a post with a very small demographic that will be interested in the subject matter. A niche blog, if you will. Or maybe I'll be surprised and more people will agree with me. It's about how I am totally over "Mommies with Small Children" talk....more Thank you so much!  And I look forward to exploring more and getting more ...more

Nothing the lake can't cure

The jet lag is finally wearing off and I am functioning a bit better.  Yesterday was slightly frustrating and there will be similar days to come I'm sure.  It just isn't a nice feeling when people shake their heads in dismissal at you.  I want to say,  “I am trying, please be nice to me, I am trying to understand.”  Anyways, nothing helps and Collin still is not in school (even though they were expecting us and assured us in advance of his placement upon our arrival).  It also doesn’t seem to help that all the appointments are made for 2pm so once an understand...more

Working Mom Guilt vs. Working Dad Guilt

On a recent news segment I was about to talk about Working Mom Guilt but just before we went to air the anchor asked, "What about Working Dad Guilt".  If I remember correctly, I think I said something like, "What guilt?"  I'm not good behind the scenes (ha ha).  But, once on air I said that dads rarely have guilt going back to work when their kids are little, but I see a lot of fathers break down talking about the guilt they feel when their teens are getting into trouble.  ...more

Computers, Internet, Stands and Work, Work, Work

50's Style Floral Cabochon Necklace...more