5 Reasons Single Moms Need a Support Team

I tell you there is nothing like your momma. There is nothing like having that person in your corner ready to jump in, no questions asked. That person who believes in you and your strength but is also always there when you have a moment of weakness. That’s my mom. She is all that and more. She is also the ultimate member of my support team. Yes my support team. Do you have one? All moms should have people in their lives that can offer a helping hand or just a listening ear....more

Response Resonated With 'The 15 Biggest Misconceptions About Single Parents'

Single Moms Income shared the following article from Huffingtonpost the other day and I read it with curiosity. I could relate to all points, in one way or the other....more

Passion vs Parenting - the single parent's rite of passion

After the stress of divorce, you desere to have some fun. You also deserve to love and be loved and to experience an adult relationship that meets your needs. Finding the balance between adult needs, parental obligations and your child's feelings is a single parent's rite of passage.Read our tips for managing being a single parent and falling (back) in love.With love,Rachel & Trisha, Co-Creators, SteppingThrough...more

Child Support System

I counted down the days as though I was 5 years old waiting each day for Santa to come. I was eager for the 120 days to arrive, so I could once again call the Office of the Attorney General. I’ve called them several times about my child support. But this time was different....more


Today, I saw a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few months. We talked about how it was for me financially since I was out of work for a while. She mentioned that she’d read my blog (which NEVER gets old to hear, by the way, thank you so much!) and found my posts about debt repayment insightful. You can read about them here. I felt tickled by her admission....more

The Minimum Wage Debacle

When the clock ticks past midnight on New Year’s Eve and the calendar flips over to 2014, the minimum wage here in California will increase by a dollar from eight dollars per hour to nine dollars per hour.You can’t get very far on $8 or $9 an hour, but this is what a lot of us have to contend with, year in and year out, with no relief in sight.  This is what the smiling server at the counter or the drive-through window of your favorite fast food place earns....more

Meet The Children: When Is The Best Time To Introduce A New Love Interest?

So you have a new beau and things have been going pretty smoothly.  You have decided that he or she is a keeper and the two of you are pretty much in sync with one another.  It's been a couple of months and now you ready to take the next step-- introducing your new love interest to your child(ren).  Hold up!  Wait a minute, Cowgirl!  There are some things that you should consider before going to that rodeo and introducing your child(ren) to your new boo. ...more
Just wanted to add my experience. My daughters father and I divorced when she was just 6. ...more

What The World Thinks Of Single Parents

Although traditionally single parents have been viewed in an extremely negative light, this perception of single parents is changing as time progresses as people become more understanding of the circumstances and challenges involved. What the world thinks of single parents, however, is still dominantly negative. True success as a single parent lies in creating positive outcomes from a negative beginning....more
I loved the line "True success as a single parent lies in creating positive outcomes from a ...more

Mississippi's Role in The Lives of Single Mothers and Their Kids

Single mothers do not always have it going for them. From time to time, they often reach a dead end when it comes to raising a kid with little or no income. More often that not, they struggle just to make ends meet.Since the economy is not doing great as well, money matters can take a toll on most single parents. The state of Mississippi recognizes this and offers financial help to single mothers within the area. ...more

Guest Blog: Blend the Families; Keep the Love

Today, I am lucky enough to have a phenomenal mommy blogger from Accidentally Mommy guest posting for me. She is a happily single mother of two, and she's got some advice on how people can raise a loving blended family. ___Buzz words.  We've heard many new words and phrases pop up over the last decade or so, particularly in the parenting world.  "Lactivist."  "Intactivist." "Babywearer." "CIO." "Bloggers."  They are not all so austere sounding, though....more