I'm Sexy and No One Knows It: Thoughts From a 29-year old Virgin.

What a topic.  My friend Darcie over at Darcie The Kindred Spirit is doing her blog on a theme called “The Sessions on Sex” for the month of February.She’s asked me to guest post for her on singleness and celibacy....more

Are YOU my husband?

When I was younger, this book came out called Are You My Mother?  I thought it came out much earlier than it did... my experience reading it must have been to groups of young children... because it came out when I was in Grade 8 so I guess it's not something that my Mom would have read to me....more

I Don't Want To Get Married... Deal With It!

“Who doesn’t want to get married?”...more
Marriage isn't for everyone.  Sometimes it's constricting, limiting. No scratch that.  Many ...more

Leave Em in the Bar

The perk that came with letting go of an Aidan was the freedom to once again play with Bigs. In the year between my last two relationships, I’d convinced myself that I matured beyond my desire to play with the Bigs of the world. That I no longer had any use for the kind of charismatic slick-talkers who are followed by a trail of drenched panties and broken hearts when they entered a room. Those guys were for 25-year-old SBG. Nice, stable boys who didn’t play games; they were the new sexy for 28-year-old SBG, right?Eh. Not entirely....more

Seduced by Solitude

“I just hope you can figure yourself out.”He found three different ways express this thought. That me putting an end to the relationship meant that there was something inherently “wrong” with me. I needed to “get it together,” “figure it out,” oh and my favorite, that I’m “so used to dysfunction.”None of the above was true. Nor was there anything wrong with him.For two weeks the word “Alone” sat in the forefront of my brain. Glittering. Gleaming. It started out as a seductive whisper and became an authoritative scream. I wanted to be alone....more

On Being Single Yet Not Being Alone

I read through a friend’s blog about ...more

Hope for the Love-Hopeless: A PassionsPath Blog

"How did you keep sane while dating?"Larissa is 32 and still single. "It's a curse," she says. "I'm cursed." She's my friend, though, so she comes to me and I listen to her talk about the latest man-disaster, which I don't mind hearing about because it's interesting (can you say  "birthday surprise" and "after six months of dating" and "gift certificate to Applebees"? Eeeyikes!) and now that I'm married I don't feel the panic of the possibility I'll live without a partner for the rest of my life....more

expressions of my heart

So i'm not sure why this is what is on my heart to write for my first blog...... but i hate feeling lonely. As though there is part of my life that has not yet come to be. I know that we are in a process that God is working in us to bring us to the creation he desires us to be from our very creation. yet this feeling of loneliness is wearing on my soul. it is new to me. I have friends, great friends who love me so well, yet their our times that being with them only increases my loneliness. Like i am made more aware of how lost and alone i am when there are more people surrounding me. ...more