Congratulations on Becoming a Single Parent!

Congratulations on Becoming a Single Parent! OK, look, no one sets out to be a single parent (or few do) and we are bombarded with guilt, regret, and negative feelings.  Even if it was your choice to leave, leaving is still hard, especially with kids. But there's good news!  There's some really awesome things about being a single parent. 1. You get to make ALL the rules! ...more

Single Motherhood: The Truth No One Talks About

My husband had an affair, but long before he did this he made choices that kept him away from us. Right from the very beginning. He chose other people, other events, other places over his family. So even though our relationship only broke down two months ago I’ve been functioning as a single parent for about eighty percent of the time that Bo has been alive....more
I don't know how I wld have done this, if it wasn't support frm my family including extended. ...more