Actual Rules from "The Game of Life" vs. Actual Life

Do you remember playing the Game of Life, as a kid? Remember the little plastic cars and the pink and blue people pegs? Remember when you still had a chance to win? If you knew then what you know now,you would have stayed in Candy Landand let the adults assemble as required. ...more

No, You Can't Have My Number [How to be a Turn Down Artist]

"My friend told me to not let you leave here without getting your phone number."This happened at 7:55 one morning while I was pumping gas around the corner from work, needing to be at my desk by 8:00am.The gentlemen who stood between me and my ride had been sent by the gas station attendant who made googly eyes while I requested thirty dollars on pump two. "Your friend is gonna be disappointed, then," I replied with a smile."You know, he's a really nice guy..."I continued to watch the numbers roll on the pump, waiting for $30.00 to pop up on the screen....more

Lovelies Guides to Getting The Guy Begins NOW!

Welcome everyone. Please, nice to meet youListen.This is my new bloggggy, FIRST post. So be a bit appeasing if you don't see much around. Ill update it, I swear.Here's my plan guys n gals:I wanna  help you to understand your relationships, their transitions,and help you make decisions about your man if you have one, and also recognize new opportunities if you are single and looking.T Ladies, let the man hunt begin!Stay tuned!...more

Hidden Pitfalls of Single Life

If you read the book Bridget Jones’ Dia...more

Jumpstarters For Meeting Someone New

Online dating strategy: if only most men had one

Now that I've thrown myself back in the pool, I'm remembering that online dating highlights just how bizarre and clueless some people are. I don't know what it is about perusing profiles that turns me into Marie Antoinette, haughtily judging total strangers, but sometimes one simply can't help oneself....more

Thinking Like A Cheating Man Is Useless

It's Apparent that the new genre of "Men Teaching Women How They Think" style of book publishing must be thought of as a growing and effective tool in relationship advice.  After the recent  release of Tyrese Gibson's and "Rev Run" Simmons's new collaboration: "Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed" and the inspirational Juggernaut "Act Like A lady, Think Like A Man  it's no doubt that women will probably be bombarded with a lot more of these self-proclaimed "insider secrets"... to understanding a man's mind....more

How To Get Him To Commit And Marry You

Have you wondered why your man has not proposed yet? Do you feel like your relationship has been stuck in neutral for a while? Based on many years of living, speaking to other women, observing even more women’s lives, and reading countless books on the topic, here are the definitive solutions to your pressing dilemma. How to get your man to marry you. ...more

In Fact, You're Just About There Now

 Well, that was heavy, wasn’t it?...more


PLUS SIZE DATING ONLINE - THE FIRST DATEIf you've met someone online then the first in-person meeting is always scary with the mind chatter running those familiar lines 'what if he doesn't like me in person' or 'what if I don't look as good as my picture?'Sure its possible but remember it works both ways....more