Holiday! Vacationing With an Only Child

We're standing in line to check bags at the San Diego airport, surrounded by large families hoisting enough luggage to sustain the Northwest Passage. And once again, I am thankful we are a party of three. ...more

Hello! ( Apologies in advance, I'm not a native english speaker, so be patient while reading) ...more

The Difference Is Four Percent

As if we aren't self-conscious enough about stepping through the looking glass of marriage and parenthood, occasionally something small occurs to crystallize a reality that we are no longer "cool" in the same way we were in our sing ...more

I read a few years ago about Victoria's Secret taking some heat for a similar thing. ...more

Smug Marrieds and their Singleton Friends

I have a friend who has been married forever. I was/am so happy for her that she found her prince and has had 3 beautiful girls. But, I have to admit that it is so annoying that she can sometimes not see I also enjoy my life. She must think I am secretly miserable and putting on a happy face. Some of her comments lead me to believe this. I have told her on two occasions about male friends of mine that I know are gay -- but are not out of the closet. BOTH times she said, "Well, they could make great husbands. Or if they decide to become straight you would consider them? ...more