Single and Happy: 5 Bloggers Celebrate Solo Living

All the single ladies: Have you told your mom you like flying solo right now -- only to have her desperately try to set you up with all her friends' eligible offspring? Revealed to a friend you're feeling a bit down -- to have her automatically assume you're unhappy about your single status? Tried to convince people you're quite pleased with your life as is at the moment -- to get skeptical and disbelieving looks from many people -- odd, especially from the unhappily married ones? ...more
Hello there, Siel! VERY interesting selection of blogs with lots of noteworthy thoughts. Thanks ...more

Forget The Bouquet, Single Ladies Need to Catch a Break

Teresa Tam Photography, http://www.TeresaTamStudio.comAs a frequent single at weddings, catching the bouquet symbolized more than just being next up to the altar. It represented being on a team perceived as less favorable – the singles team. Identifying oneself as such to a wedding crowd is not always fun. It’s like announcing that your batting average in relationships is so low that you’ve resorted to catching a bunch of flowers for good luck in love. It’s no wonder the bouquet toss has fallen out of favor....more

Problems with the Company Picnic

It's almost summer, which in my company means family picnics and other such outings. Unfortunately, I work at a company which does not allow singles to invite a plus one unless they are married. While I want to attend the festivities and realize it’s important for my career, I cannot tolerate another corporate affair on my own. How can I overcome these unfair family-friendly policies?'s Career Expert Alyson D'Anna's Answer: ...more